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    He is correct that you cannot "bump" threads to move them to the top. However, you are allowed to repost them after two weeks. Just need to copy and paste into a new thread.
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    So I just finished Red Dead Redemption 2...

    They just released (a month or so ago) the Mass Effect Legendary Edition that has all three games upgraded for current consoles and with all the DLC included for the price of one. I never played the first game on 360 but just finished it from this bundle and the graphics, while perhaps not top...
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    Forums troops and bullying

    Pray tell, where else would they be if not in Florida?
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    Forums troops and bullying

    I would find it a wee bit insulting if I were a known custom maker and posted up my works and literally state they are custom, and some one that claims to be published in the field and a self proclaimed expert would off the bat assume they were merely kit knives. The following sentence is a...
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    How to clear mailbox?

    Click the Envelope in the upper right between your username and the bell. Then click "Show all". This will get to you to the page they are referring as the "main conversation screen". When you're there, the first screen shot from jlauffer will apply. Check off the conversations you want to...
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    email reply to Message notifications goes to Spark

    You are correct. That was the old Vbulletin days where you could send members an initial email through the forums and then correspond with them by email. That system went away when Spark switched to Xenforo in 2017. Emails are now strictly notifications of something that happened on the forum...
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    Welcome back! Current status, known issues, and more.

    Yes, that is one of the perks of a paid membership. If you don't want to swing for one then you'll need to use a third party host.
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    Welcome back! Current status, known issues, and more.

    Searches (at least by username, haven't tried key words) are being a little wonky/limited. Searching my username in specific threads and forums I've posted in does not yield any past results. The only ones that pulled results were from the thread and forum I posted in today. Edit to add: I...
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    Clarify China political speech with knife talk

    Seems like the line is drawn when politics come into the discussion. Politics belong in the Political Arena. If you cannot speak about country of origin without talking about the politics of said country, it may be best to not post at all. Or start a thread about it in the PA. It would be...
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    Bad Survive! Deserves A Permanent Post In The Hall Of Shame

    Thanks for confirming! I figured it would be because everytime i went to their site that was the case. It's been a while so I just checked and in their "Knives" section of their website there are only 3 actual pictures of knives out of 22 items listed. Shame they did this to themselves...
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    Bad Survive! Deserves A Permanent Post In The Hall Of Shame

    Did they have pictures of actually made knives or just some CAD renderings?
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    Exchange question?

    Yes. He goes through the process stated above to leave you feedback and you do the same to leave them feedback.
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    Fix the multi posting in forsale

    Might be a simple fix, but it may also be linked to the other issues the forum has faced for the past year. I have tested this out with osts and it worked, so it may work with new threads too. Hit post new thread. If it does not go through, copy your content and then refresh (or leave and then...
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    The GF/wife/mom/bestfriend -proof list of “why that idiot got another knife”

    Whatever! I do what she wants! Yep, sorry babe. I'll return it. :p:D
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    Deleting a quote from a message

    To get rid of the text completely, click on the Save Icon on the reply box tool bar and then click Delete Draft. That should do it. Or delete all the text in the reply box and click the Save Icon and pick Save Draft while it's empty.
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    Edit function?

    I still see it available in the open threads I've posted. Closed threads remove the ability make new posts as well as editing existing posts Or were you referring to something else?
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    Bad AG Russell

    Those are other companies. They made the choice to still ship items out of the country despite the potential issues caused by the pandemic. AG Russell decided not do so. I can understand not wanting to take the hit for a $500 - 1,000+ item in the off chance that something happens when it could...