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  1. Centuriator

    Leather Becker BK2 w/Custom Leather Sheath

    A beautiful BK2 in custom made leather sheath. Price: $140, shipped. Payment: Zelle, check, cashiers check, money order.
  2. Centuriator

    Scales for ESSE Junglas

    I'm looking at options for scales for the ESSE Junglas and frankly not finding a whole lot available. Where would you recommend I look?
  3. Centuriator

    I'm Back!

    Policies at work are all over the place and it's very frustrating for the staff.
  4. Centuriator

    What's Been Going on at KA-BAR?

    Thanks for the update.
  5. Centuriator

    I'm Back!

    I will be praying for you brother in my morning and evening prayers. I'm asking God to give you peace, strength, and joy, in the midst of sorrow and upset. I'm glad you have taken a turn for the better.
  6. Centuriator

    I'm Back!

    I've been saying for a while now that the people who are living in denial about the reality of COVID-19 are just those who have not gotten it yet, or not known of a friend or family member who has. It's the great equalizer. My doctor told me he has seen not one patient who has COVID present with...
  7. Centuriator

    I'm Back!

    Wow....glad to hear you are doing better. Scary stuff!!! God bless.
  8. Centuriator

    BK2 New Member of my Becker Family

    Nice and like the scales too.
  9. Centuriator

    Recommendation? Red Dot

    Aimpoint: Buy once, cry once.
  10. Centuriator

    BK2 New Member of my Becker Family

    @knoefz Yes, indeed, I'm quite pleased with it!
  11. Centuriator

    BK2 New Member of my Becker Family

    I picked this up for a great price from a guy over on the Becker Facebook group. Apparently the knife was intended to cut butter, but I'm doubtful the sharpness can handle that, so I have my work "cut out" for me, so to speak. The sheath is beautiful and made and sized perfectly to fit the BK2.
  12. Centuriator

    Kershaw SOLD Centofante Pearl Inlays BNIB

    BNIB Kershaw Centofante NIB with pouch. SOLD
  13. Centuriator

    'Bond, James Bond' is dead.

    Best doubt And I enjoyed all his other movies too. RIP Sir Sean.
  14. Centuriator

    My first knife (BK16)

    Sorry, I can't see your pics. You need to use the "upload a file" function, look down and to the right...
  15. Centuriator

    Show Your Favorite Axes And Hawks do you guys get them razor sharp? Does it start on a bench grinder and then progressively with stones?
  16. Centuriator

    Marfione Combat Troodon SS DE (SOLD) & Blued Damascus Straight Razor (SOLD)

    Thank you, they are simply beautiful blades indeed!!!
  17. Centuriator

    Marfione Combat Troodon SS DE (SOLD) & Blued Damascus Straight Razor (SOLD)

    Curious: What's the story on the one that has an odd looking tip?
  18. Centuriator

    Favorite kershaw

    Somebody mentioned the Knockout. I got one of those with the better steel. It's wicked sharp, but just a *tad* bulky for clipping on to dress pants pockets, so I stick with the Blur, I got one of those with the better steel as well.
  19. Centuriator

    Favorite kershaw

    My favorite is the Blur, I have several and several other Kershaw folders, but the Blur is my go to blade and the one I carry.
  20. Centuriator

    F-16 Picture Thread. Post them if ya got them...

    That Hawk is gorgeous!!!