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  1. Silent H

    Hinderer xm-18

    Yes there are standard thickness XM-18s in both 3" and 3.5", spanto and slicer grinds. As mentioned above, they're DLT exclusives. Most are 6th generation XMs, but there was at last one run of No choil 3.5" slicers made in the 4th generation.
  2. Silent H

    Attention Pick a Color! Any Color!!

    That's probably the best looking red bone in this thread. It's still not enough for me to change my vote, but if red wins I would 100% be on team cranberry.
  3. Silent H

    Attention Pick a Color! Any Color!!

    Ok, ok, I changed my vote again, it's all tied up between red and brown. I did my part, now do yours, anything but red!
  4. Silent H

    Attention Pick a Color! Any Color!!

    I could get behind that!
  5. Silent H

    Attention Pick a Color! Any Color!!

    Man I have been thinking about this for days. The only thing I'm sure of is I don't want red. My initial reaction was brown, because it opens up so many varying shades and options that would look amazing in sawcut bone. I also think a nice dark emerald green would be awesome and fairly unique...
  6. Silent H

    Benchmade preorders

    You can look at some other people's experiences with Knifecenter's preorders in the Feedback section of this site. My two cents: cancel the preorder, get your money back and buy your knife from someone who has it in stock.
  7. Silent H

    Benchmade preorders

    So if I understand correctly you preordered it from knifecenter? They tend to not be the best about preorders, I've seen them offer preorders on discontinued/limited batch production knives. Some places like BHQ limit the number of preorders they offer, other places do not. More than likely...
  8. Silent H

    Knife you're embarrased to own or admit purchasing?

    Not gonna lie, I like the looks of that little multitool in the top left. I imagine it could be quite the useful keychain tool if a quality manufacturer like Leatherman made it.
  9. Silent H

    Knife you're embarrased to own or admit purchasing?

    At least your DPX knife was solid. I fell for the marketing hook, line, and sinker and bought a HEST 2.0 (made by Lionsteel) before I found out about his shenanigans here and elsewhere. It was the first knife over $100 that I bought for myself, and I thought it was going to be a good compliment...
  10. Silent H

    Anyone else guilty of not exactly, well, maximizing the use of their multitools?

    Yup, I have to agree, the Skeletool has just about the perfect compliment of tools for every day use, without including anything I won't use. I have the ratchet extender and the bit kit for it as well, but I hardly ever need anything other than the four bits that are included in the skeletool...
  11. Silent H


    They're a small manufacturer, they release knives in batches and then move on to another model/blade shape. Since the pandemic, there's been more demand, whether it's due to people staying home and having more money to shop online, instead of going out on weekends, or vcations, or people having...
  12. Silent H

    Case in S35VN?

    ☝️ Like he said, they've done it before, both the CG-01 model and the Shark Tooth Flipper. I have the Case Shark Tooth flipper, made by Southern Grind, and it's an excellent knife, but that's par for the course for Southern Grind. These new ones look like they share some design cues with the...
  13. Silent H

    Forums troops and bullying

    I believe this statement because I can see your name, and your profile picture is on the book jacket 🤣 Other people claiming to have written books haven't provided a name or picture, so it's very hard to know if they exist or not. Until then, it's just another anonymous internet user trolling a...
  14. Silent H

    Best way to stay on top of new releases?

    Follow the brands that you are interested in on various social media platforms, use the search feature to find fan groups dedicated to, or run by the brands themselves. They often get the first look and warning about new product releases.
  15. Silent H

    BM 940. What makes it special?

    The Bugout is a direct descendant from the Pardue 530, which is why the Bugout's model number is 535. It was meant to replace the small, ultra-lightweight outdoors knife in their lineup. The 940 is the "upscale" EDC knife in the lineup, and I don't think the Bugout's sales will affect the 940...
  16. Silent H

    Hogue making Benchmade clones?

    I remember there being a little bit of a controversy because Ritter supposedly found out that Benchmade was discontinuing the Ritter Grip when Benchmade announced it publicly. I'm pretty sure it was the same year they decided to stop making H&K, Bone Collector, and other non-Benchmade branded...
  17. Silent H

    BM 940. What makes it special?

    I love the look of well used, scratched, dinged and beaten up aluminum scales. Plus they're nice and strong for the weight.
  18. Silent H

    Any recommendations for an assisted opening knife?

    The Benchmade Vector family of knives are among my favorite knives ever made. They're assisted, and they use coil springs like Benchmade's auto knives, rather than the torsion bar mechanism that most other companies use. I find this makes the action much snappier, and probably as close to an...