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  1. not2sharp

    You just can't make this stuff up.

    In any normal distribution you have a midpoint and then the lower half. In this case the problem is just a language issue. He means a model 110, but refers to it as a Buck knife. So he has a Kershaw version of the 110. n2s
  2. not2sharp

    "Experts" demand premium blade steels until it comes to prime collectors knives from companies like Loveless and Randall?

    Is that true or an assumption. Some say the the old 19th cast steel process actually produce a very high grade of cutlery steel. But, it was incapable of meeting industrial demand for steel which was then massively growing in demand for railroads, bridges, structural building steel, shipping...
  3. not2sharp

    Worst knife deals you ever saw?

    Worse deal? Probably Phil Collins purchase of the Musso bôwie. Link: Link2: n2s
  4. not2sharp

    "Experts" demand premium blade steels until it comes to prime collectors knives from companies like Loveless and Randall?

    Nathan makes a great knife. But, saying this is like buying a new car, driving like a nut, and praising the quality of its airbags . While it is comforting to know the knife is well designed and durable, it shouldn’t be operated like that. That is how you end up hurting the knife and...
  5. not2sharp

    "Experts" demand premium blade steels until it comes to prime collectors knives from companies like Loveless and Randall?

    The premium steel market is an over-hyped sales pitch. Knife performance is dependent primarily on design and geometry, and you don’t need an armored tank to cut, chop, or process. While any knife can be abused to failure, when it happens it is usually due to the incompetence and neglect of...
  6. not2sharp

    Knife Collecting for Dummies

    When you are starting out in the hobby, I would suggest that you forget about the return on investment. You are not a dealer, the knives that you buy will likely be with you for some time, and during that time makers are going to come and go, with many of the hot makers fading into complete...
  7. not2sharp

    Buck Pilot folder

    I’ll take the intrepid. n2s
  8. not2sharp

    Name The Sword . . . . . Win The Sword!

    BattleWak n2s
  9. not2sharp

    Selling junk to tourists is an ancient profession

    Correct me if I am wrong; but the Jambiya is often used as a wedding accutrements. I am sure many of the knives made to fulfill that role need not not carry premium blades. Anyway, yes, junk has always been made to help part tourist, greenhorns, troops and others from their money. Many of the...
  10. not2sharp


    They should hire Doug Marciada. n2s
  11. not2sharp

    Making shuriken

    If you are looking for something simple and quick, just pick an old rotary saw blade at a local flea market And use it as is. n2s
  12. not2sharp

    This one’s kind of interesting.

    I would be more concerned about whether this thing is safe to use. Sometimes they are dull for a purpose. A trip to a hospital because the blade shattered or separated from the handle would end the fun for all. n2s
  13. not2sharp

    Bowie Thickness

    A good bowie made from 1/4” stock can be made to weigh close to what a Bowie knife made from 1/8 stock weighs when it is just profiled to shape. Tapers, swedges, full width flat grinds, fullers and cutouts under the handle, will get the weight down fast and produce a knife that stiffer and more...
  14. not2sharp

    AAAARRRRRGGGGHHH! It's Chris Reeve, Not Chris Reeves

    Chris Reeve’s.........?
  15. not2sharp

    Does anyone actually use a Case Bowie

    If you want to try it out for a short spin. The current Marbles machete makes a similar knife (Jungle Machete Bowie) and the sheath for that will fit the western W49 well. I haven‘t tested it on a case bowie, but the sheath is very common and inexpensive...
  16. not2sharp

    Blade Show 2021

    Those prices are way out of line. I suspect that their booth will be available for rent next year. GSM‘s deal has been an excellent case study on how not to acquire a brand. They want to reduce the quality to the level of Bud-K and hike the prices to the realm of Randall, Busse and CRK. Does...
  17. not2sharp

    Thinking of starting a Knife company

    It may work or it may not. We don’t even have a concept for these knives. Why don’t we start at the beginning. Do you want to produce fixed blades, folders or both? n2s
  18. not2sharp

    Thinking of starting a Knife company

    How about taking a few baby steps and starting the brand off as a low volume custom producer. Let’s make a few knives and introduce some of your designs ideas to see how they fair. If the brand gets accepted, you would always have the option to produce your own or to collaborate with an...
  19. not2sharp

    "You may be a knife nut if..."

    It‘s a public service. We are warning the new members of an infectious disease. n2s