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  1. Kmikaz3

    FS Grimsmo Norseman SW Diamond #2742

  2. Kmikaz3

    Price dropped - FS ShamWEri hand engraved, Olamic 247, XM18 3.5 Full Ti and Reate/We

    Price dropped on all items
  3. Kmikaz3

    FS Grimsmo Norseman SW Diamond #2742

    FS mint Grimsmo Norseman Stonewashed Diamond #2742 with Bronzed Accent, lightly cuts papers only and it’s still scary sharp with no dings on the edge. In mint condition, drop shut and absurd action. Nano oil is not included, unfortunately. Comes with all paperworks, tool and hard case box. SOLD...
  4. Kmikaz3

    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    What you’re looking at, its a CKF Evo 2.0 😉
  5. Kmikaz3

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Gareth Bull Shamwari 3.3 🙌
  6. Kmikaz3

    Just pix of knives

  7. Kmikaz3

    All sold

  8. Kmikaz3

    All sold

    Inkosi Sold
  9. Kmikaz3

    All sold

    FS CRK Large inkosingo natural micarta BNIB (sold) Centered, never cuts, honed or sharpened. Lanyard has been removed and replaced with a customized diamond and serpent knots with an custom beadblasted titanium bead. Arno Bernard iMamba Warthog enhanced Inlay LNIB. Honed once, very...
  10. Kmikaz3

    FS Halftrack SW Full Ti Horse engraved in excellent condition

    Halftrack Full Ti Blue SW with bronzed clip and Blue Gear in excellent condition but has 2 very fine hairline scratches on the show side of the blade, bought it like that. It is centered with a mirror edge and PB washers installed. 6️⃣7️⃣5️⃣🚅 Extra 7️⃣0️⃣ for the zirc lanyard. Aside for the...
  11. Kmikaz3

    Price dropped - FS ShamWEri hand engraved, Olamic 247, XM18 3.5 Full Ti and Reate/We

    Someone has first dip for now, if the deal falls through, i will let you know first hand. Thanks for your interest!
  12. Kmikaz3

    FS Hinderer Maximus D/E LNIB all black with Bronzed Hardware and XM24 skinny slicer all black gen4

    Hinderer Maximus D/E 20cv all black with bronzed hardware and textured CF scales, LNIB never cuts. OEM bronzed hardwares from Hinderer as one original body screw has snapped in half. So, i had to replace it all with bronzed titanium screws instead of Stainless steel hardwares. Rides on pb...