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    Whiskey flasks?

    I backed these on Kickstarter. They are a great flask that doesn’t leak. And if bringing your own beverage to sporting event/concert to save on the high prices they have a extra plastic lid so it will pass threw medal detector.
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    ? For Spark Live stream giveaway

    I was winner of week 50 live stream giveaway and was wondering if I missed message about receiving my prize? Thanks
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    Giveaway: TiSurvival Modular Titanium Chopsticks and Face Mask

    I’m in. I like the spydie mask and polished random chopsticks. Thanks for the chance.
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    Fillet Knife

    The Mora fillet 6in.
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    Week 41 - Kizer Ki4510A2 Nick Swan Matanzas

    I’m in. Thanks for chance