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  1. stabman

    Space Force TDI

    Sometimes you have to punch a few holes in the fabric of space-time in the pursuit of knowledge and freedom. :cool: Deluxe package comes with warp drive and artificial gravity. :thumbsup: There are worse things in space. ;)
  2. stabman

    Space Force TDI

    I cannot confirm or deny current Space Force (or other) status...they do have some sweet knives though. :D
  3. stabman

    Space Force TDI

    That is the number one use of phasers on long space voyagers. :cool:
  4. stabman

    Space Force TDI

    Yep. :D
  5. stabman

    world knife shortage

    Knife shortage? There's still more knives out there than money in my account.
  6. stabman

    Space Force TDI

    So there I was headed for the Horsehead Nebula, when all of a sudden the scanners came back with possible life-form readings from a nearby planet. Luckily, I had my Ka-Bar Space Force TDI with me. ;) As you can see from the snow, it was a more Hoth-like environment than one would expect on...
  7. stabman

    Hard Use Folders?

    The term "Hard Use" needs defining too. For some it is forcefully cutting through lots of material. For some it means prying (remember a couple years of that being popular). But then do we mean prying with the tip, or "whole blade" prying, hmmm? For some it means batoning...but then batoning...
  8. stabman

    Hard Use Folders?

    I've used the thicker tip on certain folders for prying that the tip could handle when fixing a kitchen counter, or removing the peeling laminate for a table, things like that. Not something that would stress the lock, and not prying that would require a pry bar, but something beyond what a...
  9. stabman

    Do you ever laugh out loud at the knife tests run by "expert" Youtube knife jockeys?

    What is this "YouTube" you speak of? :confused: :D
  10. stabman

    Urban Foraging

    Good to know about your local resources. Back where I used to live, an old local man used to be down by the river at one spot many days of the week. Always had a bucket or two of fish he'd caught, at least from spring through fall. The fish were not small. He fed his family primarily with fish...
  11. stabman

    Urban Foraging

    We have enough geese walking around here that one could live off them for years. :thumbsup: Handy river full of fish too... I'm surprised our homeless population doesn't eat more of the geese. I think some in one part of the city did for a while; the geese moved further down the road, and I...
  12. stabman

    interesting law for the great north ; ) knives allowed up to 2.36"

    Knife in airport and on plane: Bought this one specifically for plane use. Pink with peace sign is pretty non-threatening. :D
  13. stabman

    Worst Knife Reaction?

    Thanks! :) Titanium is a weird metal.
  14. stabman

    Worst Knife Reaction?

    That is AWESOME!!! :D You might like this. Check out this titanium knife I made a couple weeks ago. :) Perfect for when meeting kings. ;) Goes good with the one I made for my dad in Nitro-V.
  15. stabman

    Worst Knife Reaction?

    My best reaction from person who didn't get knives went like this: I was working in the lab, using a Spyderco or the Umnumzaan (forget which) to open a box of solvents for extractions. Girl walks in, see me using knife. "Why do you carry a knife? "For stuff like this." "Oh yeah, I guess that...
  16. stabman

    Fire Making Your techniques for fires in wet weather

    Fire built in flood level rain:
  17. stabman

    facebook and twitter

    Great, more of this idiocy. :rolleyes:
  18. stabman

    Ever use a sporting/survivalist/defensive for culinary use?
  19. stabman

    Should I get a Tuff Lite?

    Yep. I had one...gave it to a friend of mine. It's been his main work knife for some time. A few years back, another friend of mine was entering an adventure race. A knife (fixed blade or folding with lock) was required equipment, and she did not own one. I met her for coffee and brought a...
  20. stabman

    This Year in Knives

    Yep, Stormbreaker continues to do things. :) We also had a bunch of syringes in the vicinity, although the city workers managed to rake most of them up. I always have thick-soled puncture resistant boots when walking in such areas. On one photo shoot in the area under the bridge some years...