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  1. veitsi_poika

    Thrifty Thursday... Cheap Traditional Knives

    This thread got lost in the BF upgrade today... this Cornwall scout I got pretty cheap but it's great historic knife
  2. veitsi_poika

    Shouldn't every Friday be "Black Friday"

    That's a good guess Gary... I would say either Camillus or Kingston. Camillus handled a lot of their later WWII with this cheap black plastic that deteriorates / shrinks frequently and based on the shrinkage I was thinking this is a mid-to-late 1940's Camillus. Either way it is from a good...
  3. veitsi_poika

    Old Friends Friday

    Carrying this old friend today... if I actually leave the house that is, otherwise will just CE & CF ;)
  4. veitsi_poika

    Shouldn't every Friday be "Black Friday"

    Nothing fancy but this knife gets a nice edge on it...
  5. veitsi_poika

    Photos Patina thread

    Species "patina camilli"
  6. veitsi_poika

    "Old Knives"

    Here's a neat old Valley Forge MOP swell center whittler I picked up... it was pretty cruddy when I got it, always nice to take some grime off and add some oil to get a classic "snap" back into a knife :D Surprisingly it is bigger than most MOP's I see measuring 3-9/16'' closed :thumbsup: The...
  7. veitsi_poika

    "Old Knives"

    Goins attributes Wedgeway Cutlery to Morley Bros Hardware based in Michigan. It was established by German immigrants in the 1860s. A lot of their knives look like early Camillus models which to me makes sense as WH Morley & Sons was a trademark of A Kastor (aka Camillus). Cool knife! Edit: one...
  8. veitsi_poika

    "Old Knives"

    No problem Charlie... I found quite a few pictures of razors that had the Koeller & Schmitz name and they used that Fox logo so I think it is the same company that eventually became "Fox Cutlery Co"... Probably to sound more "American" at the time. In fact if you look up Koeller & Schmitz in...
  9. veitsi_poika

    "Old Knives"

    Looks like Fox Cutlery was born out of "Koeller & Schmitz Cutlery" & "E Lothar Schmitz" which definitely appears to have German roots. I've found quite a few examples online of razors and pocket knives made by Koeller & Schmitz so they may have started out selling the German made cutlery but...
  10. veitsi_poika

    Photos Metal Monday - Post Your Metal TRADITIONAL Pics

    I don't know why I think it's neat to have a knife engraved by the one time President of Kraft Foods... but along with the Schrade Walden Miracle Whip knives, I can't help but smile :D
  11. veitsi_poika

    Stockman Sunday picture show

    Hmm, never considered that actually Cal... I bought it off of the auction site like that a long time ago and always assumed it was an original abalone handled Ulster. I might have to take a closer look at it. ;)
  12. veitsi_poika

    Shouldn't every Friday be "Black Friday"

    Looking well seasoned :D
  13. veitsi_poika

    Shouldn't every Friday be "Black Friday"

    It was an "around the world" giveaway that Jim did where people got to keep Scotty for a week or two and then pass him on to the next recipient. It was pretty cool :thumbsup: