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    Yangdu will take great care of you, Steve. I'm glad to hear that you're looking for one of the chainpuri - I have complete confidence that the items come from where they are said to be and are of top quality. I don't think anyone goes to the effort that HI does to make customers/family happy.
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    Going home gift from Father for 10/25

    Glad to see Kumar looking strong and healthy! We love our Kami
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    Farewell to Father

    Love and light to Father
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    Photos Fresh off the lathe. . . .

    Careful what you wish for!
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    Photos The knives of CMFTW (aka Charlie Mike aka Matt Freeman)

    Very glad to have you all here to post these knives and memories. Disappointed I found out so late, and that I didn't take him up on the custom he offered me.
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    Philllllll Sighting

    What an angel. Awesome shirt!
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    1 Year Sober! Thank You

    Here for you with love.
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    Photos Fresh off the lathe. . . .

    let me know if you want to make a fountain pen .... I could pay in money or knives ;)
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    Wow I love the fighting knife! Ram Kumar is awesome.
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    Five beauties and two blems for 10/2

    I am very impressed by Ram Kumar. That is a great looking knife. Good catch!
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    Attention Himalayan Imports Facebook and Instagram

    I think you guys would get to see more family kid pics if you were on the mrs' facebook! I usually hate that stuff but for you guys...anything.
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    Attention BigBore Ceremonial Raffle

    WOW! See what I missed! I wouldn't have gotten in probably, went quick. Great job one and all.
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    New BAS by Ramkumar: user opinion?

    The 15" Ram Kumar BAS I got was one of the best feeling khuks in hand. I love my 20"s and 18"...but the 15 is really a golden size.
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    Off Topic Hey Guys! Checking in

    I haven't been around much so I figured a social call is in order. Everyone doing well, I hope?
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    Did they use horn composite bows in Nepal?

    I love the assorted arms and armor.
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    15" Villager did a great job today.

    nuts... you are
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    Special order: 20" Kumar Kobra, horn

    I have a 14" Kobra
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    Forge-Timey Updates

    Awesome project Awesome project! Thanks for the words of wisdom and support/experience! I found three unfinished gun-stocks in the old workshop here... no use to me ;)
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    15" Villager did a great job today.

    Time to upgrade from my folding Bahco saw. I LOVE! Hand-saws.. I've been known to cut all kinds of stuff with my Bahco (Portugal) Bow Saw, when sane people use chain saws...hmmmm.... I love them, truly. I'll have to learn more about 'silky'. See that vise being put to good use?! :D :D
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    I love my Karda

    I don't know that I have any 'really sharp' karda...but let me say, they are well-made and beautiful! I LOVE my bamboo root karda! Great idea about the pipe-tool!!