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    Sold. Benchmade Bugout Copper Scales by Flytanium

    I’ll take them PayPal coming when you confirm
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    I’ll take it email sent
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    Email sent
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    Very interested can I have your email
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    Spyderco Shaman

    Where was the link for the biblio I am interested?
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    BigIDesigns TPT Slide ti

    Long shot but still available??
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    [WTS] GiantMouse Ace Biblio, Benchmade Presidio II, ZT 0609

    Can you send me an email please mazz(dot)jv(at)
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    Benchmade s for sale

    Interested in the crooked river can I have your email please or send me an email [email protected]
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    GiantMouse Ace Biblio

    Interested can I have your email.
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    GiantMouse Ace Biblio

    Interested can I get your email to DM
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    Cold Steel AD-10 Reduced Price!

    I’m having trouble pm messing you. Will you pm me please
Native XF ad, Below bottom BC