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  1. jwh720

    Sold. drop $265 PSA10.5 MOE upper with bcg

    1- PSA 10.5 inch upper with BCG and charging handle and MOE hand gaurd and fromt light rail. Less than 100rounds fired and in excellent shape. $265 2- excellent condition SBA4 brace. $sold Pictured it the pistol all together but only selling the upper and brace.
  2. jwh720

    Sold. Vortex sparc ar and troy battle mags$100

    FDE Vortex SPARC AR and 2 black 30 rd troy battle mags $100Sprac has small scratch on one side.
  3. jwh720

    Cross breed holster for m&p

    Crossbread holster and mag carrier for smith and wesson m and p. $50 Hardly used burris fastfire 2 on american defense quick mount. Excellent condition could use new battery. $100. Sold
  4. jwh720

    Sold Skaha 2 carbon fiber

    Email has been sent and knife is spf. I will let you know if it falls through @tturner2 Thanks guys
  5. jwh720

    Sold Skaha 2 carbon fiber

    I have a excellent condition skaha 2 in carbon fiber for sale $235 tyd no box. Photos will be added in an hour.
  6. jwh720

    Applewatch series 6 cellular $400

    Ill post some in an hour or so
  7. jwh720

    Applewatch series 6 cellular $400

    Grey and will come with barton bands strap
  8. jwh720

    Applewatch series 6 cellular $400

    I have a 44 mm apple watch 6 with cellular. Has been worn for 2 months in excellent condition. Comes with charger . No bands or box. $400 also will include belkin wireless night stand charging station for phone and watch. Will add pics later
  9. jwh720

    Liong mah lanny/BM propper krien

    Both are now sold Thanks all
  10. jwh720

    Liong mah lanny/BM propper krien

    Proper package is yours check your pms
  11. jwh720

    Liong mah lanny/BM propper krien

    1- liong mah lanny carbon fiber with green ano hardware. Excellent condition $199 2- proper package. Green micarta with krein regrind comes with maratac aaa ti flashlight and hitch and timber slip and hinderer bead. Blade is not centered but does not rub at all. $120
  12. jwh720

    Cheburkov Toucan $295

    Excellent condition toucan in vanex 37 super smooth. I picked this up from the forums a week ago and decided is not for me. $295
  13. jwh720

    $255 Rex45 spyderco bundle shaman/para3

    Re Recieved paypal will be updated with tracking once shipped
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