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    Why are Damascus Box Elder Burl 21s $50 more than other woods?

    So... you could get an incredible box elder like LW’s, but if you get an ordinary one like I have it will still be a beautiful knife. It often gets more complements than my mammoths. Happy hunting.
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    Shop tour

    Hey Bill. Thanks for the response. I’m looking forward to the tour. A colleague of mine is doing a conference in Boise, and I’m going to spend a few days there. I’m moving to Pocatello for a teaching job. It’s beautiful country and am looking forward to it.
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    Shop tour

    Hey Blanco. Thanks for the answer. I don’t have Facebook, but I’m sure it’s a great video. I look forward to seeing them in person and watching the magic happen. I grew up in my dad’s water plants and have great appreciation for the manufacturing process.
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    Shop tour

    That’s great to hear. I was wondering about how accesible everyone would be. I’m really excited to see some of the steps of the process in person and meet the people who make my favorite knives. Thanks for the insights.
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    Shop tour

    Thanks TS. I have really enjoyed this video since I started buying CRKs a bit ago. It’s really well done and a testament to their QC.
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    Shop tour

    Hello friends. I am moving out to Idaho soon for a new job and will be making a trip to the the CRK shop this fall. I’m greatly looking forward to the tour and to see and meet the great folks who construct my favorite knives. For those of you who have been out that way, can you take a minute...
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    Photos Sharing CRK Art - My Ever Changing CRK Collection

    I’ll take the large mammoth in the carry rotation LW :)
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    Did you send off to spa service lately?

    This is further evidence of a great knife maker who sincerely values its customers and the members of this forum who always go above and beyond. Happy New Year to all. PS: If you’ve seen LW’s collection it’s no surprise that Tim can afford a nice pair of shoes :)
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    Hawk Pocket clip

    I always have that clip on my small insingo or box elder. When I’m doubt, “In LW we trust”.
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    Photos Ti-Lock Annual Trilogy

    Don’t worry LW. Your plain Ti-Lock is in a loving home with his other CRK brothers and sisters. Thanks for sharing this great collection :)
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    Mnandi pocketslip

    I saw that too. Thanks for the pics; it’s great to know the slip works with mnandis!
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    New CRK knife releasing this weekend?

    I’m not crazy about the carbon fiber inserts for the mnandi, but I’d love a plane titanium one like you suggest. I’d much rather have a wood version for the price or a mammoth version for a higher price. No doubt, we will see great CRK innovations in the future.
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    21 not closing properly?

    That is an amazing explanation and answer to the question. Thanks for your insights!!!
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    Halloween Sebenza!

    Wow that pumpkin one is amazing! I’m usually not crazy about the designs, but that one is a gem.
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    Photos Sharing CRK Art - My Ever Changing CRK Collection

    I meant to say Zan and just called it a Frankenstein monster because of the custom backspacer, cool lanyard, and ti-lock clip. I forgot about the other use of frankenstein nomenclature here. It’s definitely a cool and unique knife!
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    Photos Sharing CRK Art - My Ever Changing CRK Collection

    That’s a seb straight from Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. It looks great!
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    Any Halloween CRK's out there?

    Quite ugly. Better sell that monster LW!
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    I've lost it.. FOUND!

    I hope you find it! I definitely know you’re coming from and understand the frustration of losing a favorite tool. Good luck!!!
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