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  1. Azazello


    I'll take the Davison, but will have to email. I'm at kelly.higgins3 at gmail. Thanks, Kelly
  2. Azazello

    R. BOSE shadow trapper

    I'll take it. Please email me at XXXXXXXX at gmail. Thanks.
  3. Azazello

    Remaining items package deal!!

    I'll take the bead. Please email me at kelly.higgins3 at Thanks
  4. Azazello

    (SOLD) Fighter in 5160 with multi mount sheath

    Hey Paul, received the knife and wanted to brag about it here. Fantastic piece, a favorite already. Thank you very much. Kelly
  5. Azazello

    Case Bose Dogleg; Viper Swayback Amboyna

    Interested in the dogleg. Any pics of the other side, blades, centering?
  6. Azazello

    Citizen, Filson, G Shock, Saddleback Leather

    Can't PM so my email is kelly.higgins3 at gmail. Standing by. Thanks
  7. Azazello

    Citizen, Filson, G Shock, Saddleback Leather

    I'll take the Saddleback pack.
  8. Azazello

    Pepe Jalomo trapper price drop

    I have one like this and it's a great favorite. Whoever grabs this will love it.
  9. Azazello


    Well learn something every day. Thanks.
  10. Azazello


    Is that Ricky Bob Menefee? I'm guessing typo, but maybe there's someone named Rocky...
  11. Azazello

    Oris Divers 65-Black Arabic Dial

    What's the case diameter?
  12. Azazello

    SOLD - Cross between a karambit and a scalpel

    Pretty cool Karumpels.
  13. Azazello

    Davison, Vanderkolff - Price Drops

    Few more pics of the Davison?
  14. Azazello

    [SOLD] Shiro F95T User

    This one is SPF
  15. Azazello

    [SOLD] Shiro F95T User

    Hey Cut the Cheese, I pm'd you with details. Thanks.
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