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  1. DamascusBowie

    Here is a real old one G.P. Busse Field Grade

    JrGannon, this is your lucky day. I will buy that blade off of you for SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLARS over what it originally listed for. Dont feel like you're ripping me off, Im just an old eccentric guy that loves those old uncollectible NON-INFI failed models that Jerry made before he seriously got...
  2. DamascusBowie

    Busy Day with the Old War Train

    Those chopping wear marks are beautiful. I had similar wear on my regulator and I know how long it took to get worn down that far, its a lot of work.
  3. DamascusBowie

    Lots Of Cool Stuff Coming!!!!!

    I'm in for half a dozen HOG Mentors!
  4. DamascusBowie

    I don't often raid my humidor, but when I do, I grab my Busse

    Don't dare me to smoke the butt, I was planning to anyway :eek::eek::eek::cool::thumbsup::cool: edit to add, oh, there's the tip in the lower left corner of the pic. Once its all smoked Ill take the butt, ashes and that tip and put them in the compost pile o_O
  5. DamascusBowie

    I don't often raid my humidor, but when I do, I grab my Busse

    And I make a post about it. I smoke on rare occasions - it was either that or smoke every day, and while to some it might seem like barely smoking at all, I make sure its always a great cigar and enjoyable environment. This was actually yesterday and it was truly awesome. Not sure how old this...
  6. DamascusBowie

    HOG Mentor, Por Favor?

    The genius of the mentor is this precisely. It wouldnt be the same knife with a longer blade imho. I wouldn't mind seeing different blade shapes and grinds just for bacons sake.
  7. DamascusBowie

    More Pics of the 2021 CupidGanzaaa Payload!!!!

    That 16A is straight out Future War, and looks quite similar to the knife in my avatar which in a sense proves that I truly must want and deserve it the most. So if I may, I'd like make a plea to all my dear fellow hogs to grant me a friendly dibs on this blade. If you really want it too, please...
  8. DamascusBowie

    BB13 Combat Grade Price Drop $375 includes BB scabbard

    If there is an unlikely chance that the sheath may be sold separately, I'm interested. I have that exact Azwelke setup for my B11 and its just the best rig imho.
  9. DamascusBowie

    Old School CHOICE WITH 3B2

    Pardon my ignorance, what is the Assault Shaker steel?
  10. DamascusBowie

    Infi Waki ?

    Honestly, I dont want to get my hopes up. I need it too much, its an indispensible part of a good zombie loadout. A good, efficient long sword is absolutely necessary to save ammo and cut down on noise. But its such a flagship for Busse that I just don't see it being reissued before the 50th...
  11. DamascusBowie

    Infi Waki ?

    Ruck Force One would be epic in infi.
  12. DamascusBowie

    The Gift of Bacon

    What a coincidence, Im a knife guy but I don't own any INFI, what else you got? :eek::rolleyes:o_O:thumbsup:
  13. DamascusBowie

    Jack Hammer 10 makes me happy inside.

    Thank you for the real world comparison, its awesome insight, I really appreciate it. And what you're saying totally makes sense with the bigger tang and lighter blade. I do see the B11 as more of an outdoorsy chopper, and the JH10 as more of a combat blade of similar length. It was mainly the...
  14. DamascusBowie

    Jack Hammer 10 makes me happy inside.

    I imagine the JH10 to feel something like the B11, which is why its next on my list.
  15. DamascusBowie

    The Busse Viking Warship Is Coming!!!!. . . . Sunday, December 20, 2020 at 9:00pm Eastern!!!

    He sure did. Just one clip separates the War Ship from the FBM. But what a big nasty majestic clip it is. I know Im getting deep into larping territory here, but for close quarters combat of the ship-to-ship variety, Id rather have the Warship than the Mistress.
  16. DamascusBowie

    The "P&L Statement" Is Coming Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 9:00 PM Eastern!!!

    A harpoon tanto Busse for under $300 feels like a real holiday special. Think about every other harpoon or tanto knife from Wauseon, this is an extremely unique offering.
  17. DamascusBowie


    The Mentor was an instant favorite. Its the best small knife for big hands, bar none. Im getting mine some nice Armorall leather pants real soon.
  18. DamascusBowie

    The "P&L Statement" Is Coming Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 9:00 PM Eastern!!!

    It may not be possible to focus more piercing power in the tip of a knife than that. Far beyond tanto.
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