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  1. MauriceN

    A few knives for sale

    PM sent on Dogtooth
  2. MauriceN

    Bunch of Knives and Flashlights! Boos, Ferrum Forge Steel Will, Twosun, Bestech, Nitecore

    Your inbox is full. I would like to see pictures of the Massdrop. Do you have the pouch and packaging? I would like to make an offer. Need a way to contact you.
  3. MauriceN

    Spyderco SOLD-Manix 2 Brown M390

    Sent PM - I will take it
  4. MauriceN

    FS $100ish Benchmade, Spyderco, ZT

    I want the 940... PM Sent
  5. MauriceN


    Seriously? Ok, closing the thread while I research this. Thanks for the info.
  6. MauriceN

    The Massive Christmas Knife Sale!

    Ace Biblio micarta - would love pics and I am interested
  7. MauriceN


    So, it appears to me that I might have gotten taken and recently traded someone for a very good clone here. I have pulled the listing while I have the knife looked at. Thanks everyone for looking and catching this before I passed this to someone else in my name.
  8. MauriceN

    Original Spyderco Manix Full-size and Mini (SOLD)

    Hi... what is the steel on both of these?
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