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    May 2021 Buck of the Month - 830 Marksman D2

    My knife fund will appreciate the recovery time.
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    May 2021 Buck of the Month - 830 Marksman D2

    nice looking knife
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    April 2021 BOTM - 104 Compadre with 3V steel

    Very nice collection! Did the red come with the option for wood or micarta handles? I had seen both handle style on the red blade and both described as "new in box", but wasn't sure if that was accurate. If you don't know, no biggie, was just curious.
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    Quality, Service or Price

    Price. I'll qualify that by saying that obviously, no one likes to throw money away or feel like they've been taken advantage of. However, while I always hope that I won't be in a situation where I'll need major service on many purchases, not just knife related, the time to think about the...
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    April 2021 BOTM - 104 Compadre with 3V steel

    I received mine this morning. First BOTM for the year, so finally realized what everyone is talking about with that huge box! Couldn't help but laugh when I saw it for myself. The knife is nice. As others have said, its not a show piece and is built to be a user, but the grind could definitely...
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    April 2021 BOTM - 104 Compadre with 3V steel

    Wow, crazy quick! I haven't received my tracking yet, but excited to compare it to my SK once I do get it.
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    NEW MEMBER THREAD! If you're new to the forum post it here.

    That's one of my grail knives. Almost bought one in my twenties and I'm kicking myself for the past 10 years I didn't. Especially with the prices I've seen on the decent examples recently!
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    April 2021 BOTM - 104 Compadre with 3V steel

    That's very cool!
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    April 2021 BOTM - 104 Compadre with 3V steel

    Good point about the steel @jbmonkey. Thinking it over.
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    April 2021 BOTM - 104 Compadre with 3V steel

    I really wanted to get the BOTM since my birthday is next Wednesday, but really struggling with how similar it is to the SK camp knife I have. Although maybe they'd go well together...
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    April 2021 BOTM - 104 Compadre with 3V steel

    I'm a sucker for fixed blades. I was barely able to resist last month's and this month is my birthday...
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    Cutlery Shoppe Shaman DLC CTS-XHP

    Brand New Cutlery Shoppe Exclusive Shaman. It was only out of the box for pictures. Asking $OLD via PP G&S. US shipping only with USPS priority. Only trade I would be interested in would be for a Cruwear or Z-wear Shaman. I will ship and provide tracking info within 1 business day. Thanks for...
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    WTT: My BNIB CS Orange Shaman for BNIB Z-wear micarta or Cruwear micarta Shaman

    I know this is a massive shot in the dark :rolleyes:, but looking to see if anyone would be interested in making the trade. I have a BNIB Cutlery Shoppe Orange DLC Shaman and if anyone has a BNIB Cruwear micarta or Z-wear micarta Shaman and would like to trade, please send me a PM. Here is a...
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    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    Surprised its still available an hour later. Can't wait to see some pictures of it in the wild!
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    Great couple of weeks for spydies!

    The Bento Box blue m390 pm2 was actually one of my first Spyderco's ever! I really wanted the Zwear sprint since I missed out on the Cruwear, but ended up not being able to snag one on any of the drops either. Great haul and congrats!
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    March BOTM <117 COCOBOLO 154CM>

    What's everyone's thoughts? I haven't pulled the trigger, but I do love a fixed blade knife. Pretty cool the sheath is made in the USA too!
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    Shaman Z-Wear Sprint

    I did the exact same thing. Thought maybe it was a glitch and they hadn't actually loaded them on yet, so I refreshed it over the next 10 minutes or so. Couldn't believe I wasn't even able to get one into the cart. If I had gotten the sold out as I was checking out, it would've made more sense...
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    Paramilitary 2 Wharncliffe Cutlery Shoppe Exclusive

    Brand New Cutlery Shoppe Exclusive Paramilitary 2 Wharncliffe. It was only out of the box for the pictures posted. It was left in the plastic wrap, but if buyer would like more pictures out of plastic, I can do that upon request. Asking $185 via PP G&S or $172 via Venmo. All prices include fees...
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