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    Mint Holt Bladeworks V2 Specter

    Any chance you could email me at gsmifta at yahoo
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    Brend Dual Action Tactical

    Hey there I’m interested in this and have an OBO if you can email me at
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    New Microtech LUDT Jedi Master Green Blade

    Withdrawn the pictures revived are great and the knife is mint I just thought it was a different model.
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    Quartermaster factory

    This is a fun thread but Jared owes people about 75k for his last China made integral knife he never delivered. I’m fairly surprised he hasn’t had more ... issues.
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    Will Moon Mark 6 S90V Steel - FS

    Hey you still happen to have this one?
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    PRICE DROP Jedi Knight and Fully Serrated Bounty Hunter

    I’ll take the Jedi master. Message sent Or email me at [email protected]
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    Small Microtech OTF

    Hey there Can you email some more detailed pictures of all sides to please
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    Flat Body UTX-70 - SOLD

    I’ll take this If you can please message me at Payment sent
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    FS - PM2 204p, PM3 XHP, customized 0562 Clover Knifeworks

    Cool You can also email me at gsmifta at yahoo dot com
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    FS - PM2 204p, PM3 XHP, customized 0562 Clover Knifeworks

    Hello all All for sale 1. 0562 customized by Clover Knifeworks. Scale is White juma, shredded CF, and lined in red. Real well done. Books are currently closed for custom work. Knife shows a tiny bit of carry marks but the scale is in 100% perfect condition. Looking for was 300 now 280 OBRO 2...
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    FS - UTX-70 hellhound, Damascus, proof, & flat LEO

    All for sale no current trade interest. 1. Ultratech LEO - two-tone blue and black flat body in perfect unused condition with tanto and SW Elmax blade. I lost the box unfortunately. Still pretty hard to come by with flat body. Perfect easy action. 300 OBRO sold 2. UTX-70 - Hellhound Damascus...
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    Large Regular - Sold

    I’ll take this per dm
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    I’ll take this
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    FS - Millit Torrent & Perpetua, Spyderco Moonglow Manix 2, PM2 204p, Rex 45, QTR-12 TT

    Right now I have a “I’ll take it” from Matt if you would like 2nds you would be up next
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