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    Photos Your very first knife vs your latest - Did your taste and style changed?

    My first knife was an Endura with a partially serrated edge in ATS-55. Over the years I've learned to sharpen knives and find that I prefer plain edge blades. My latest knife is a Gayle Bradley Advocate.
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    The most recent ones I am aware of are the Lionspy, Lil' Lionspy and Pingo sprint run, but all of these have been discontinued.
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    What's your pajama knife??

    I tend to use bigger, heavier folders when I'm home. I carry them clipped to my front pocket so folded length isn't an issue. Its when I leave the house that I bring something small in FRN like the Spyderco Native or titanium like the ZT 0470, as I carry in my back pocket on these occasions.
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    M4 vs M390

    The red/black zome Delica exclusive from DLT Trading in 20CV, an analogue of M390, is still available. Also, the SpyOpera in M390 is available at various dealers.
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    Is it normal to be fickle about the “next knife?”

    I keep a shortlist of knives that I plan to buy. Problems arose this year when a rapid succession of sprints and exclusives screamed for my attention. In the aftermath, I now have a handful of knives in the same pattern with different steels and scale colors. Hopefully I have learned my lesson...
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    What was your favorite NEW Spyderco in 2020?

    For me it's a tie between the Swayback and the Canis.
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    Photos Knife/Knives you have with a Thumb Hole (Non Spyderco)

    Mini-Onslaught, Mini-Ascent, and Mini-Spitfire
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    4V blades

    Thank you for the information.
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    4V blades

    An EDC-sized Spyderco fixed blade in 4V would be sweet.
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    Factory seconds sale?

    It looks like it will be a completely online event, as announced by Kristi in the thread below:
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    Off Topic Question on the L.T. Wright Small Northern Hunter

    I use mine mostly for gardening and house chores. Its size is suitable for daily carry as well. A few minutes on the Sharpmaker are enough to bring it back to full sharpness after a day's work. I agree with Halfneck's observation about its being a good cutting blade due to its edge geometry and...
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    Knives you've seriously considered buying, but never pulled the trigger on

    Spyderco Drunken. I find it to be a good looking knife, but for that price I could already get a CRK or a custom knife.
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    Miss you

    In our country, due to quarantine restrictions, one cannot travel between provinces unless it is related to their work or business. We have a house in another province where my children used to stay while studying at university. However, since most schools have transitioned to online classes, we...
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    Fixed Blade & Folder Combo

    Bradford Guardian in V4E and Spyderco Native 5 in 4V
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    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    Native 5 in 4V
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    Spyderco Am I the only one who just can't do it?

    I have multiple variants of the US-made Native 5, Para 3, Yojimbo 2, and Manix 2. That said, I also enjoy the Taichung models shown below. I don't have any China-made Spyderco models as none have really appealed to me, although the Astute might change that. I also plan on getting the Italian...
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    A pocket cleaver from Batangas Armory.
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    Fixed Blade & Folder Combo

    Bradford Guardian 3 and Hinderer XM-18 for wharncliffe Wednesday.
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    Favorite spyderco.

    I like the Native 5 the most, but I'm also fond of the Yojimbo 2, Manix 2, and Domino.
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