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    for sale busse FVM14

    What color are the slabs?
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    If the details I sent you are acceptable, I'll take it.
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    Welcome back! Current status, known issues, and more.

    Loving the changes ! Thank you for all the hard work on our behalf.
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    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    Looking for a mint boot dagger. Will pay $650 for a mint knife, delivered to Maine. TIA.
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    Sold- Shiro 111

    Tried sending a PM, your inbox is full.
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    Busse Custom Shop Swords

    Offered for sale : * Busse Short Butaniku, black edge cut Micarta, black coating, mint and unused. $2695 * Busse Gladius, nuclear meltdown rounding of high edges, unique treatment of pommel, dense black walnut burl with cinnamon G10 liners/bolsters. Wood is stable and sealed. The handle is...
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    Walter Brend Fighter, 1 of 4

    Offered is a very unusual Walter Brend Custom Fighter, one of four produced. Made at his Ridge Springs, S.C. shop, during the short-lived crafting of knives at that particular location in the mid-90's. Serial numbered "04" on off-side. The grinds on this knife are perfection. It is, after all...
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    *** SOLD *** Shirogorov 111 Ti CD "Antique" bronze

    *** SOLD *** Offered is a Shirogorov Custom Division 111 Ti "Antique" bronze with Vinland Damasteel blade. All original, mint, and unused. Perfect centering, early rock solid lock up that will only get better as the knife gets broken in. Butter smooth, near drop-shut action that will also only...
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    Gladius, AK47 CS, Fatback (ALL SOLD)

    FIRST AND FOREMOST, YES, I AM POSSIBLY THE WORST PHOTOGRAPHER IN BLADEFORUMS' HISTORY. MY SINCERE APOLOGIES IF VIEWING THESE PHOTOS CAUSED YOUR EYES TO BLEED. Here's a nice older INFI trio, maybe ones not in your collection yet. These particular satin Custom Shop models don't seem to pop up...
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    WTS: Cheburkov Bear M390 titanium

    What is the make and model of the knife at the very bottom of the group photo ?
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    Zieba MS3 M390 NEW

    I'll take it, Ron ! PM incoming
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    I'll take it.
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    Available ?
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    Shirogorov, CFK, Andrei Sander

    Offered for sale are three Shirogorovs, a CFK DCPT Tano, and an Alexei Sander Contra. All are new & unused with COAs and boxes/pouches. None have been used or sharpened. * Haiti Bronze CD, *** SOLD *** * Russian Hokaido *** SOLD *** * Lee William's 110 Kickstop, Anchor Gray, $1795 * CKF DCPT...
Native XF ad, Below bottom BC