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    Spyderco Gayle Bradley Nightstick Boot Knife

    Agree, I don't understand why he designs his handles so thin (unless it is to save money). I own the Bradley Bowie and the handle scales are way too thin (almost like a kitchen knife).
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    Review Winkler Knife rusts in sheath and can't be pulled out

    I would sell the Winkler knife and buy a tactical knife, a knife that is made and designed for your use. Get one with a Kydex sheath and a stainless steel blade. For a budget options the Gerber Strongarm would do well. For a more expensive option try Bradford Knives (opt for the Kydex...
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    GB1 - perhaps the knife I would miss the most.

    The GB1 might have the best liner lock ever made. All other liner locks pale in comparison. It snaps shut with authority. It really isn't that hard to unlock either.
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    Frame lock moving during use?

    This is normal for framelocks, one of the many reasons I don't purchase framelocks anymore.
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    PM2 K390 Hardness

    Thanks for posting this info; good job Spyderco!
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    Viper Dan 2 (Silver Twill Edition) for sale

    Nope, still for sale. I did have it priced a little high however. The price is lowered to $70.
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    Viper Dan 2 (Silver Twill Edition) for sale

    Viper Dan 2 (Silver Twill Edition). The knife has not been used (LNIB), the only thing cut with it has been paper to test the factory edge (it slices very well). Selling for $70 Paypal G&S to Continental US. The price includes shipping and insurance. No trades. Nice rounded spine...
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    Benchmade Adamas for sale

    The knife is sold.
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    Benchmade Adamas for sale

    Benchmade Adamas 275BK for sale. Asking $150 PayPal G&S. Continental USA Shipping and insurance is included in the price. No trades. The blade was sharpened to 20 DPS on a KME, then stropped to a mirror finish. It is very sharp. It has cut a few things so there are a few small scratches on...
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    Companies need to start issuing verified third-party HRC tests.

    I know I have willingly paid more for an M390 blade because of the steel's reputation. No longer. Sure, Lionsteel's hardness is not as low as it was originally thought, but their heat treatment is still not optimal. I'm surprised at the number of people who don't care how their blade is...
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    Zero Tolerance 0920 - Just Not Right

    Would sharpening it resolve the issue?
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    Photos Spyderco Amsterdam Meet 2019 Report

    The Chief is everything I like in a knife (large blade, low weight, utility-oriented, thin edge), I can't wait for it come out so I can get my hands on it.
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    An exciting new project at Morakniv

    If we play the word association game; the first word that pops into my mind when I hear or see "Mora" is "plastic", an overwhelming abundance of plastic! Yes, I have several, and they cut very well; I am a Mora fan. But still, the association with plastic is a negative association IMHO. A...
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    Cold Steel Tri Ad Lock Stiffness

    This is true. I have watched people struggle to open a Cold Steel that I can open with ease, and the difference is that they are applying negative pressure to the blade as they are depressing the lockbar, thus making it harder to disengage the lock.
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    Why the hate for AO (assisted opening ) ?

    For what it's worth, I talked my co-worker into buying his first quality folder. He tried out some of my manual knives but struggled opening them due to his arthritis. He ended up buying an AO and loves it.
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    List of ZTs that Don't Have Lock Failure Issues

    My ZT 0909 fails with light taps (I tapped it lightly on the back of a padded office chair). The minuscule amount of contact area between the liner lock and tang is the cause in my opinion. I'm not going to send it into ZT; others have tried that and ZT has sent the knife back without fixing...
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    New Doug Ritter folder

    It is too bad there are people commenting in this thread whose sole motive is to stir up drama for their collective amusement. On to the knife: I love the texturing on the handle; classic Hogue precision machining. It is good to see knife makers improving on the Axis lock (not that it needs...
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    What specs are major turn-offs?

    Any knife that Jim Skelton likes.
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    Coldsteel 4max question

    It is a great design, but there were and are many quality control issues with this model.
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    Knife for an infantry soldier?

    The smaller and lighter the fixed blade; the more likely it will get carried and used. I voted for the Benchmade Nimravus. (Has it been replaced with the Protagonist? I'm not sure of the differences between the the two. The Protagonist receives excellent reviews by Gideon's Tactical among...
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