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    Spyderco sale shaman/pm2/pm2

    Which 204p PM2 are we talking here?
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    Small Sebenza 21 and Large Sebenza 31 Damascus

    Large Boomerang arrived and is perfect. Thanks.
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    ALL SOLD Spyderco Native sell off + a Endura

    Going a different route thank you
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    Wicked edge go deluxe

    This still available?
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    All Sold

    Seconds on Pallas
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    Just saw you included your email in post. Email incoming
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    I’ll take this. Please email me at thmdrnsprtn at gmail
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    CRK Small Inkosi PJ TRADED!

    Please email me photos at thmdrnsprtn at gmail
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    CRK Small Inkosi PJ TRADED!

    Not able to see photos. Is this large or small?
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    Large Tanto Inkosi w/ Black Micarta

    GONE GONE GONE Large Tanto Inkosi w/ Black Micarta, DOB June 27, 2019. Light user, a couple small marks on the clip. Great shape otherwise. The edge has not been sharpened, although it was lightly stropped with a simple and soft leather strop. It has been disassembled once to tune the pivot...
Native XF ad, Below bottom BC