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    What’s your go-to dog walking carry? Let’s see some pics!

    I carry a can of bear spray whe I ride my bike before daylight. We do have occasional bears in our neighborhood getting into garbage cans. It might be illegal to use bear spray on a human threat in our state. But probably ok vs a big dog. Using a pistol against a human attacker is legal! Ironic.
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    Recommendation? Good EDC under $60?

    Agree that the Voyager is a bargain of a folder. And the back lock will beak in with use. In two of the first three websites I looked at, the large Voyager, 4 inches, was less than 60.00. One of the best knives available for less than 60. Taiwan.
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    Recommendation? Which 2.5” Folder?

    Lok at the CS Holdout 3. The blade seems a bit shorter than the stated 3 inches. Thin flat grind and great slicer. 4 inch handle for a very secure grip.Very light and very strong. Is a short 3 inch blade too big for your locale?
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    what have you bought so far? (2021)

    You re like me. If I really think I m going to like a knife, I buy two. One for back up. The only knife I ve bought in 2021 was a backup Cold Steel Air Lite. After buying the first a couple of years ago, that knife has really grown on me as an edc. I like it more than I thought I would.
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    What’s your go-to dog walking carry? Let’s see some pics!

    She is wondering what s going on. On my daily dog walks, I usually carry whatever I have been using that day. My biggest in my edc rotation is a Recon1. I also have a pepper spray in my pocket (for whatever that s worth). Our walk is through a pretty safe neighborhood, but a 170 pound...
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    Para military 2 vs 3 or any else?

    These are some good choices for work/edc. The American Lawman, of the recommendations made,is most comparable to the PM2. Seems to be sturdier, great ergonomics, like the PM2. Look at the Manix 2. I m starting to like this model as much as the PM2.
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    Recommendation? Is a Rat 1 still worth it today?

    I might consider the d2 Rat1 ordered on line.
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    Drop Shut?

    Dropping shut means nothing to me.
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    Innocuous/discreet carry knives

    This is absolutely the way I feel. I use my folder in a very business like manner. I don t pay attention to other people around me when I use the folder. I open my knife with a thumb stud or hole. No flippers or flicks. Interestingly, my coated blades get no more and maybe less attention...
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    Knives you want but can't obtain.

    I don t know if these threads make me sad, but I definitely agree with your feeling. I don t really have any particular knife that I really want, currently. I guess, despite having accumulated a number of knives over the years, I ve never really been a knife “collector”.
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    Active EDC Knife?

    I also carry iwb while working outside. Ive been carrying the CS Air Lite lately. The AUS10 blade wll get soaked with sweat daily. I rinse it off at night and shake the water out. For a bigger knife to fill your needs, try the CS Voyager. Also AUS10 steel. I ve also used this a a work knife...
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    Active EDC Knife?

    I also think this might be a good choice.
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    Pet peeve of the day - blade coatings

    I didn t like coated blades until I had a chance to handle a Cold Steel American Lawman and a Recon 1 for the first time in a local outdoor sports store 8-9 years ago. I was so impressed with the ergonomics, build quality, strength, and materials for the price (or for any price), that I came...
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    What's your Cold Steel EDC today?

    Isn t that a great edc/worker?
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    Better Late Than Never

    I agree. Then look at the American Lawman and Code 4.
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    Better Late Than Never

    From Cold Steel, you get a lot of knife for the money. Two other favorites of mine are the American Lawman, if you want to downsize from the Recon 1, and the Ultimate Hunter, if you want a great outdoor knife.
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    Recommendation? I could use some advice: Large easy opening folders

    I think trying to get a doctor s note to carry an illegal knife may not be a good idea. But I m not a policeman or lawyer.
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    Recommendation? I could use some advice: Large easy opening folders

    As a Spyderco fan, I always open my Spydercos with a thumb. The Manix2 xl has good ergo s and seems to be stronger than one of my old favorites, the Military. Very good for work or edc.
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    Bought My Wife a Knife

    I like your dad.
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    Are the flippers / scalpers going to ruin the the fun?

    Great post. Totally agree. First time I ve seen "miscreant" used in quite a while. Very descriptive.
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