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  1. KAEDC

    Looking for a Neck Knife

    Again, you should check out Guinea Hog Forge. He grinds his false tops very thin. He has done video's of him snap cutting rope and such with the false edge, so I can't imagine it would take much effort to convert to a DE/sharpened swedge.
  2. KAEDC

    Bought My Wife a Knife

    This is pretty likely not as good an idea as it seemed like it was in your head, but it's out there now so good luck...sounds like your banking more on she'll just not tell you he hates it, than her actually liking it. IMO giving a gift like this is for you, not the its a pretty...
  3. KAEDC

    Looking for a Neck Knife

    Guinea Hog Forge Barebones Piranha in parkerized O1 tool steel, great ultralight, pack flat small fixed blade. I keep one in the little tool kit I keep in my bag. Might take a bit of for hunting to find one as I think he's moved to 3V for all of his stock removal made knives.
  4. KAEDC

    Lets see some Hinderer action

    Recently pick up a is it sweet!
  5. KAEDC


    I got one of the spantos when they 1st put try-way on the Halftracks. They punch way above their size,I really like them...I want a bowie so bad lol
  6. KAEDC


    5pm EST USAMADEBLADE will be dropping the last batch of Half-Track Wharnies...for “a long time”, according the Whitty. Working Finish Blades with Battle Black Ti.
  7. KAEDC


    Probably, at least the secondary is reasonably priced nowadays. It migh not seem like it, but production is currently many times what is was 6-7 years ago. Then a XM-18 on the secondary would easily command 2-4 times the MSRP. Dealers pretty much never got stock, winning a show lotto or having...
  8. KAEDC


    If there is a pattern Rick keeps it close to his chest. Hinderer production is run in batches. My understanding is a "Batch" is a model and blade shape, as usually some of each finish are done per batch. Batches are planned some 8-12 months out. So given as they have 8 or 9 folder designs...
  9. KAEDC

    Southern Grind sold to Diamondback Firearms

    That all I know, got an email about 6 min ago, don't know anything about DBF. They say all warranties will be honored, so that's good.
  10. KAEDC

    What model Rigid is this?

    2 things. 1. You will need a gold membership or higher to ask about values 2. You will need to use hosting hosing site (like Imagur) or a paid membership so we can see any pics
  11. KAEDC

    SOLD Hinderer XM-18 3.0 Skinny Slicer Tri-Way Linerlock

    Have a Hinderer 3.0 Tri-Way Xm-18 Skinny Slicer up for grabs. Grey G10, 20CV steel, Ti liners have been annoed blue by Scott at USA Made Blade. Asking $400 SOLD, PP G&S, Priority Shipping included. No trades please. Time stamps apply, but I reserve the right to sell as I wish
  12. KAEDC


    To clarify, you need a paid membership with selling privileges, to ask about values (too many were using such threads to try and sell without using the exchange)
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