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  1. yamsi12

    What knife is in your bugout pack?

    Esee 6 and a Leatherman I always have a pocket knife on my person.
  2. yamsi12

    Recommendation: Steel & Scales for Para2/3

    s35vn with the Sharp Dressed Knives blue twill scales. It’s also sporting a polished titanium deep carry lynch clip which is a must for all of my PM2’s.
  3. yamsi12


    lol, i saw a few places i buy from have it in stock.....trying to resist buying it though.
  4. yamsi12

    Is It Worth It to Customize a Benchmade?

    I’ve been really tempted to order a custom grip in cf with a satin 20cv sheep’s foot blade......
  5. yamsi12

    Kershaw/ZT Picture Thread!!! Let's See Em'!

    Well considering the MXG pivot was causing the knife blade to bind, it had to be disassembled a few times. Ended up sanding the shaft on the female pivot with a dremel to get the knife blade to actually flip in a normal fashion.
  6. yamsi12

    Kershaw/ZT Picture Thread!!! Let's See Em'!

    I definitely prefer a torx based pivot to a slotted one. It’s much easier to scratch/damage a slotted one IMO. Even with using the proper size screwdriver it shows wear after a few times taking it off and on.....really not a fan.
  7. yamsi12

    Thoughts on the ZT 450 (Zero Tolerance 0450)

    Im 6'11" and have XXL+ hands and I love the 0450. At one point I had 3, whittled my collection down to just the 0450 though. Just love the all titanium feel.
  8. yamsi12

    Kershaw/ZT Picture Thread!!! Let's See Em'!

    its weird, at first the blade went on fine, then within 15 minutes or so got tight and wouldn’t function properly. I’ve since sanded it down ever so slightly and seems to have fixed the problem. Hopefully it stays that way.
  9. yamsi12

    Kershaw/ZT Picture Thread!!! Let's See Em'!

    I just received the full MXG Gear hardware set for my 0801ti. The pivot is a problem. The tolerances must be very tight, the blade is very gritty, binds up, wont free fall, heck....wont close at all unless i push it closed. Ive thought about sanding/polishing the shaft on the pivot down and see...
  10. yamsi12

    S90V PM2.

    It’s currently back in stock at DLT......
  11. yamsi12

    Washington knife laws

    This. Most cops are as much in the dark or misunderstanding/misinterpreting of knife laws as the average citizen is.
  12. yamsi12

    It seems counterintuitive, BUT...(Para 3 vs PM2)

    Im 6'11" with XXL hands so its a no brainer for me, the PM2. Ive held a para 3 and it just didnt fit my hand nearly as well.
  13. yamsi12

    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    Really tempted to pick up the DLT S90v’s still in stock. We are in escrow on a new home so. I. Must. Resist.
  14. yamsi12

    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

  15. yamsi12

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Sharp Dressed Knives blue twill scales
  16. yamsi12


    Ended up selling mini on the knife exchange, scales were just too small for my hands. Gonna pick up the full size when it’s available tomorrow.
  17. yamsi12

    What knives do you own in the $150-300 range that you feel are worth every penny?

    All of my knives with the exception of one are under $300. I’ve recently sold 46 knives out of my collection that I never carried or used. So I only have ones that I find are worth it to me.
  18. yamsi12

    Benchmade Mini Adamas 273GY-1

    i replied to your post on my profile
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