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  1. luethge

    Garage Sale - Lots of Good Stuff

    I’ll take the aero and the medium F3 please pm on the way
  2. luethge

    MEFP Strider SnG (price drop)

    Pm sent with offer / funds sent
  3. luethge

    3 for sale: INFI, Z-Wear, 3V

    Pm on Busse inbound
  4. luethge

    *SOLD* ZT0180 with RGrizzle sheath

    Posting to leave positive feedback- if that’s still a thing ?
  5. luethge

    3 big knives with A8Mod 0,265" steel

    I did not buy it - please do ! Beautiful knife
  6. luethge

    The one Busse that you will never ever sell!!

    I’d most likely keep the SR101 RMD if forced to choose - the edge that RAT takes ( and holds ) is almost not fair for its INFI cousins :D
  7. luethge

    3 big knives with A8Mod 0,265" steel

    Pm sent on green micarta
  8. luethge

    SOLD - ESSE Junglas, Full Size, With Sheath, Like New

    I’ll take it please - pm on the way
  9. luethge

    Good Darkpast

    + 1 :thumbsup::thumbsup: for @Darkpast ! Excellent member to deal with
  10. luethge

    Good Apocryphiliac is one of the best

    Hey Blade Forums, Just wanted to take a minute to say @Apocryphiliac is one of the best damn members on the forum, period. I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with this member a few times - nothing but excellent. For whatever it’s worth - Apocryphiliac is as good a seller / member as...
  11. luethge

    INFI RMDs and azwelke sheaths for MOAB FBMLE AK47

    I’ll take the coated Rat with pants please - pm on the way
  12. luethge

    Winkler Belt Knife

    Unlikely Seconds please
  13. luethge

    Repost 5x 5160 full tang survival knives natural canvas micarta scales

    Excellent knife !! Well worth the price.
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