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  1. KrisNZ

    Beer and Blades!

  2. KrisNZ

    Post your CRK carry knife for today.

    Ebony day today
  3. KrisNZ

    Post your CRK carry knife for today.

    H Hi, interesting observation, it's a sml that gets carried and used offten, It's been reprofiled to 20deg each side, yeah the tip gets hammered but also the factory lighting at work does the pic no favors. the factory grind marks you observed are more than likely caused by me being a numpty...
  4. KrisNZ

    To carry or not to carry?

    Use it
  5. KrisNZ

    Thumb Lugs.

    Harden up,
  6. KrisNZ

    How do you carry you Mnandi

    I got the replacement screw for the pocket clip from CRK, disappears in your pocket
  7. KrisNZ

    Damascus EDC, the start of a journey: w. April 2021 update.

    Got to agree with you fellas, love my PJ Damascus,
  8. KrisNZ

    Just ordered a 31 Damascus

    This is my Lg21 in CN Raindrop, without digging up the box, I think its maybe a 2019.
  9. KrisNZ

    Just ordered a 31 Damascus

    They're using Chad Nichols Damascus, I've a couple of his pieces, Good stuff,
  10. KrisNZ

    I need some education on chris reeves Damascus

    You won't have any problems, their Damascus is top rate,
  11. KrisNZ

    Can I get a long term opinion on the Pacific?

    It's a CRK, it'll be just fine,
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