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    Pena extravaganza

    Holy smokes nice collection
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    SOLD **Gents Fine Folder/Mammoth

    Really cool Carl! The thought of a loveless style folder makes my britches jump love the direction your headings
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    Gentleman’s Front Flipper (sold)

    To bad I’m not a gentleman I love how the Damascus lines up when closed
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    Olight i5T's Copper and Gun Metal Grey

    I’d take the copper for 45 shoot me a pm if your willing to separate
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    Any trades? Iv got some nice customs for the bipod
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    Sold -Leuku in CPM 4V & spalted beech

    Awesome knife great to use
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    Case Bose wilford lock back price drop

    Sold pending funds thanks again blade Fourms
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    Esnyx,Lloyd,case Bose

    All sold thanks blade Fourms!
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    Case Bose wilford lock back price drop

    Up for grabs case Bose wilford lock back brown jigged bone rock solid lock up smooth pull Great fit and finish. I have box and leather pouch super light carry looks new to me 325.00 300.00 sold pending funds PayPal g and s will ship usps with tracking. Please pm for pics I’ll need a email or...
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    Anyone else waiting on USPS

    There really slow right now I’ve had a package sit in one place for 10 days
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    Esnyx,Lloyd,case Bose

    Esnyx is all that’s left I thought it would be the first to go lol
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    Esnyx,Lloyd,case Bose

    Got a few nice ones up for grabs PayPal goods and services will ship usps tracking John Lloyd stag city knife federal shield awesome walk and talk centered blade 3 3/4 Closed great fit and finish 52100 blade really nice knife 350.00 sold! esnyx stag sheep’s foot long pull fluted bolster...
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    Birdvis Small Hitchcock

    Cute little bugger you interested in any trades for other custom slip joints? If yes shoot me a pm I’ve got some nice ones
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