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    Post your regs!

    Hope these are aloud to play!
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    FS Sebenza 25 x 2 & Ridge Wallet TI

    And funds sent. :)
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    FS Sebenza 25 x 2 & Ridge Wallet TI

    Matt, I will take the Sebenza 25 dated 2014.
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    FS Sebenza 25 x 2 & Ridge Wallet TI

    PM sent on 2014 model.
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    Per our email conversation I will take this. :)
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    Emil sent
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    Really like this, What steel is used here?
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    Another lockup question...

    I have seen this posted twice and for the life of me I cannot understand this. Is the ball not located on the edge of the lockbar? Honestly I am trying to picture this and any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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    Question about bushing fitment on 21

    Where do they adjust out tolerances? Million dollar question right there.
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    Recommendation? My first CRK with blade play

    This is all just a shame!
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    Recommendation? My first CRK with blade play

    Has anyone ever measured the thickness of the CRK washers? Everyone one of mine is the same thickness. Kinda makes me wonder about them polishing the washers to "FIT". Would love to hear about anyone else who has measured there washers. :)
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    S45VN hrc range is 60-62 (according to website)?

    "While it’s true that there’s a portion of CRK’s that are safe queens, I’d bet there’s more being used than collected." I would agree completely!
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    Sebenza 21 deep carry clip

    I have had both and love the Lynch clips and the way they look with the knife. But for my use and wearing jeans most of the time I found the Lynch clips bent and stuck out from the knife some, therefore causing a space between the knife and clip causing a click sound. The MXG is thinner and...
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    Why we choose CRK

    These are the kind of threads I come here to read. Thanks everyone.
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    Am I Expecting Too Much?

    Blade play, I've had one regular that had blade play when I got it. CRK finally got her squared away. My other is a Lg31, this one kills me, my first Damascus blade and there is blade play from side to side and up and down. Pivot bushing seems to be on the smaller side is my thinking. Just not...
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    Why we choose CRK

    I think because when you have a "Good One" man is it nice! 2 of my 3 31's are great. Nothing makes me feel better than to reach for my knife and have that feeling once in hand that everything is where it should be. It just feels good with that slightly strong detent and fluid like motion while...
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    Why we choose CRK

    Glad to hear someone say what I have been thinking for a long time. The Spa service is fantastic, and free minus shipping. How can ya beat that? But if everyone and their mother is sending in there knife for a spa service wouldn't this bog down the mothership? I know Tim added someone just to...
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