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  1. TinyDog

    A walk in winter/Winkler wonderland

    And that is a Good Day.... Period:thumbsup:
  2. TinyDog

    Thoughts on authorized dealers raising GEC prices above the minimum sale price.

    Yes, As a collector I wish all my purchases to be sound. That said speculation is interesting. Not about taking my ball and going home at all. This is my opinion, sorry if you do not like it. Your opinion is yours, I respect that.
  3. TinyDog

    Thoughts on authorized dealers raising GEC prices above the minimum sale price.

    Have all, Do what you wish and enjoy. I hope you make lots of money
  4. TinyDog

    Thoughts on authorized dealers raising GEC prices above the minimum sale price.

    How many folks know how the stock market works????? Well the way is is supposed to work is upon briefings and company success through earnings a stock will rise and a fall based on performance. Its a shame that this is not true anymore. The folks whom have the money control the stories...
  5. TinyDog

    SOLD 2019 Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2

    All, Today I have a brand New 2019 Copper Spur HV UL2 up for sale. This tent is "Brand New" Never used with tags still attached. Purchased by myself from REI. Also with it is a slightly used OEM Ground cover in which will go with. As I find myself Moving its time to consolidate my...
  6. TinyDog

    Who Make Northwoods Kitchen Knives?

    Lamson & Goodnow were producing them for KSF in 2013. I would believe they still do.
  7. TinyDog

    Big but Tiny Knives

    That's wild man, never knew existed... I may need one of those:D
  8. TinyDog

    Big but Tiny Knives

    The ZT0900 is a Mini- Beast for sure:D
  9. TinyDog

    Big but Tiny Knives

    All, I have always been fascinated about BIG but tiny knives. This one is a NYKC Serpentine pen. The overall length is 2 11/16" with the smaller pen knife @ 1 1/4" in length including tang. The construction is phenomenal. Sweet pick bone scales, super tight blades, with strong snap to boot...
  10. TinyDog

    ***SOLD* ProTech TR-4.62 SG Skull ltd ed.

    I'll take this one per our pm, Thanks!
  11. TinyDog

    Georgia Boots 10W

    I will take these... pm on the way!
  12. TinyDog

    Recommendation? Which one would you choose and why. PICTURES ADDED!!

    Unless it will be a showpiece I think the nightmare grind on the bottom one has little to offer for any utility purpose. I prefer the middle one, why ? because I like a conventional look (-:
  13. TinyDog

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Stunning Blade
  14. TinyDog

    I just don’t understand!

    So well stated Craytab, It seems we live in a world that is supposed to make each one of us totally happy with any and all of our interests. While many manufacturers try to meet the Miriad of needs or more likely desires of the consumer, there is no perfect! If one likes a design and not the...
  15. TinyDog

    What would you do with a collection?

    I would most likely sell them all. Reason being I didn't collect them. To me that is the fun in our collections, finding, researching in advance, bidding in some cases. I prefer my own collection. TD
  16. TinyDog

    Civivi incite

    Wow! This blade is amazing in quality and finish. To myself owning several WE and Several Civivi blades now. Other than some materials there is little difference in these two lines. The value of the Civivi line IMHO is amazing. No disrespect to anyone reading this but: This blade in damascus...
  17. TinyDog

    Tractor knife - "Black Friday"

    Just awesome.... enjoyed that very much. A knife reborn
  18. TinyDog

    (Withdrawn)Joe Loui Midtech "Hellbat" 80crv2

    Today I have the Joe Loui Hellbat up for sale in 80crv2 blade steel. Signature keyhole handle with Yellow/Black Micarta. Stock Thickness .187. Blade Length just shy 8" OAL is 13 3/8" Full disclosure: There are a couple superficial spots on the underside of handle as shown, otherwise blade is...
  19. TinyDog

    Civivi incite

    I despise all you guys! Kidding!!! Dang Fellas I am trying my utmost not to buy but after reading and watching this piece I caved.... (-: This blade is stupid sick for the money, and a very usable piece. All I can say is Shame on me.... On order:)
  20. TinyDog

    D2 and Corrosion Resistance

    D2 is downright awesome for my use. Stays sharp for a reasonable time and does not take much to bring back. I have a Ontario Rat 1 on hand for kitchen duties is use most everyday. I wash it in the sink and put it up wet. In a couple weeks some rusting or discoloration is evident around the...
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