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    Survival Kits for South Florida?

    Fix-a-flat Jumper Cables Sunblock Water Snacks Full gas tank It's not an expedition to the land before time. It's just a drive to the next county, along with lots of other people. The police and highway patrol are around if you get stuck or break down. The crocodiles and alligators are...
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    need tips on using sewing awl .

    Depending on what I'm sewing, I've used both the awl with a spool of thread or two needles. Both ways seem to come out better when I use an over stitch wheel. Check the Tandy website. They don't cost too much. There's also a book called "The Art of Hand Sewing Leather" by Al Stohlman which will...
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    Vampire Gerbil's Birthday

    Happy Birthday VG
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    LEOs and LEDs

    Night Ops Gladius on my belt. Surefire M2 with LED in my bag as backup.
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    Prayers for Bura

    Prayers sent.
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    In Memory

    Smoke, prayers, good thoughts.
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    What's the hoopla over flashlights and what's wrong with a good ol' plain Maglite?

    Having only one flashlight would be like having only one khukri.
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    Positive Thoughts Please.

    Positive thoughts on the way.
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    Yvsa B-day

    Happy birthday, Yvsa. You made it through another year.
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    Smoke Needed My Friends.

    Smoke and prayers on the way.
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    Rabbit care...

    I liter trained two. They don't have any smell. Do a google search on house As far as being dumb, they are smarter than most of the people who I see on the road driving cars.
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    Does this only work with kids?
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    Greetings from BirGorkha Staff

    My best to all at Birgorka.
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    Vishwa Karma Puja

    Blessings on Bir Gorka and all the HI family.
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    OT: New Night Owl On The Block and Gun Range Learning Experience

    Having worked the night shift for most of he past 20 years, I also go to the local gun range on week days. Some days, I have it all to myself. Other days, I shoot with the older, long time shooters. Amazing, the things you can learn from some of them.
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    I'm 50 today and I've just cycled 50 miles!

    Happy birthday
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    OT: She's gone

    My condolences. You're lucky that you had someone you felt that way about.
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    Some Khonvention Pictures

    great pics, thanks for posting them
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    Picture of the Kamis from Bir Gurkha shop.

    Great pix, thanks for posting.
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