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  1. John mc c

    Recommendation? Finding wrought iron

    Ive read of wrought bursting apart when forged so maybe i should have said too dirty for a lot of forging Ill be doing san mai with integral bolsters so thats a lot of forging At least now i know if it survives the intial forging the welding part should go well
  2. John mc c

    Recommendation? Finding wrought iron

    I was going to do the cut and bend test but when i was cutting it up to get it out of the hedge u could see all the fibre running through it,might even be too dirty for welding but will work great as bolsters.all of it will get used anyway.i view it as a precious metal
  3. John mc c

    Recommendation? Finding wrought iron

    Local classifieds are a great source of antique wrought,old gates and the like Im cutting up an old gate atm that i found in a hedge,farmer didnt even know it was there and said i can pull it out,which was a half day job in itself but worth it
  4. John mc c

    does parks 50 need to be preheated at all?

    I get much better results having my parks 50 at room temp for fast quench steels and warming up my canola to 120 for slower steels like 01
  5. John mc c

    Review The answer to types of steel for select old tools

    I use salvaged tool steel to make punches,splitters,drifts and hardie tools for smithing,cant have enough of it Not for knives tho
  6. John mc c

    Why does 1095 need a 10 min soak time, also...

    Barmond steel uk have euro w2 in different sizes.i say euro w2 because it has more chromium than the U.S. version Gfs knife supplies uk has 26cr3 and other good stuff
  7. John mc c

    Recommendation? 80CrV2 Heat treat advice

    Yes 15 min then quench Canola oil is much less toxic than motor oil Cheaper too
  8. John mc c

    2x72 Grinder Build - 2018

    Plans are in link bjansen posted a couple of posts up Great looking grinder it is too
  9. John mc c

    Tube furnace

    Looks great natlek. Along these lines will be my next oven build
  10. John mc c

    Will an anvil in a major shop fire lose its temper?

    Have some salt and lemon juice close to hand They might be cooked like the turkey
  11. John mc c

    Advice on bringing a broken antique back to life

    Shows that was good advice Looking good
  12. John mc c

    !!! Near Disaster Today ( Not knife related)

    Couldnt happen to a more able guy anyway Post pic of the new shoes
  13. John mc c

    Strange discoloration after hand sanding

    Think you hit nail on the head there Only a gallon of oil for steel like this could cause problems
  14. John mc c

    Made my first ever blade today

    Great looking little knife Should really look well with a nice handle Post finished pic when done
  15. John mc c

    Strange discoloration after hand sanding

    Looks like auto hamon to me too Prob left too thick before hardening at that point Is it a kitchen knife? Doesn't look to go to edge so should be ok but they do look ugly on a blade
  16. John mc c

    Recommendation? Design concept

    Looks good Brady Keep us posted on how it goes
  17. John mc c

    The Greatest Knife Steel Metallurgists of All Time

    Thank you for another great article larrin I love when you touch on anything about the history of it all
  18. John mc c

    Blade West CANCELED

    This isn't the place for politics
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