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    Someone gives you money, what busse(s) do you buy?

    If they gave me 1300 dollars I wouldn't buy a knife for nothing!!! My brother has a collection of knives and spends a lot of money on them. I don't understand it. You can only spend money on Hobbies when you have them. I have money, but I'm not ready to spend it on this. I've been looking for a...
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    Yes I did it several times but mine have been broken that is why I needed a new one. May be because mine was too old, so I’ve bought one new, more powerful then mine was. With that I can easily put spyderco in it and don’t care if it will work, because I’ve very nice Guarantee from the shop...
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    Building a resume (finally)..any advice?

    Oh, I myself need some advice. I just have no idea what to write in my resume. I study in college and my homework was to write a resume and the problem is that before I did not. I have a few ideas, but I can’t formulate my thoughts correctly. [spam removed] but to be honest even that doesn't...
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    I have a $100 promo code from Benchmade: 940-1, 808, 484-1, or ????

    To be honest, I also love discounts but not every time I have possibility to buy things with discounts.But dude you won 't believe I had the same situation as you. Only instead of a diving shell,I bought books with a promo code for 50 dollars that I took on this site[spam removed] twice as...
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    New car / automobile buying & leasing tips for CPK'ers

    I was just about to buy a car on credit. I certainly knew a lot from your post, but there was a lot of new information for me. Thank you very much. I was always dreaming about buying a new car with 0 mileage, but it was way too expensive for me. Now, when I have read a lot of useful information...
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    A father's loan.

    Thanks for that story. It's thrilling. I'm waiting for another interesting one. Before reading the story I saw the title A father's loan and I was sure that this plot is only about money, how a father borrowed money to his son, but I was surprised to find out that it's a touching life story that...
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    Aquarium setup ideas.

    Hmm, frankly speaking, it's a good deal, but there some questions. First, if the LED lights are located all over the fish tank. Second, is anything decorative in the fish tank or it's absolutely empty? I would like to know if there are live rocks, corrals and other useful things, that play not...
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    Dust Collectors

    Hey, man. Don't worry, because it's clear, the nobody knows everything what for such forums exist. It goes without saying, that not only you have met problems during choosing dust collector. Frankly speaking, I want to recommend you to buy the cyclone one, because of its improving of the working...
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    What's a good straight razor?

    Well, it depends if you are a beginner or you want to upgrade your current straight razor. If you are a beginner, you need to check some of the easiest razors to use like Folding Handle Razor, if it is the latter then get something with a good quality and nice looks. Personally I recommend you...
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