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    Just pix of knives

    My photography skills don’t qualify me to participate at the same level as you guys, but still want to contribute. These are some of my favorite knives at the moment.
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    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    I was worried it was lost in the mail, but this showed up today. The scale I already had waiting:
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    ZT 0393glcf--Talk me out of it

    Not to discount the awesomeness of the new eklipse bowie, but I’d like to circle back to the original question. I have an XM-18, half track, 0393glcf, and 0562cf. There is a place for all of them, as I feel like they are differentiated enough from each other - and none of them are going...
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    lionSteel Beerlow

    Well, I’m almost certainly in for one of these. I was on the fence about the lionsteel jack, but have no such qualms with this! Looking forward to learning what handles will be available.
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    CK Exclusive: Fox Cutlery "Recoil" Gunstock

    Thank you for starting this thread, I didnt know about these. My preference is for traditional patterns, and modern materials - two things that were largely incompatible until Mike started bringing these Italian knives to market. I’ve been pretty much all-in since, and I think I have 8 of them...
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    Traditional and Modern pairings

    Hopefully this isn’t too far on the “modern” side!
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    First knife of 2021?

    I’m waiting until after the holidays, but sometime in January I’ll buy a Spyderco swayback.
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    How is Gerber doing?

    I was thinking maybe they had gotten their act together, so I recently bought a fastball cleaver (it comes in 20cv). The blade was off center, the detent was very, very strong - and it had the worst lock stick I’ve ever experienced. I sent it back the same day, and ordered a Kershaw Link in the...
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    CK Viper swayback 2.0

    And in different lighting, because why not!
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    CK Viper swayback 2.0

    This is a beautiful knife, thank you Mike!
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    BF2020 Viper Swayback Discuss Thread

    Finally got my hands on my very light example and thought it looked good on the countertops! Really liking mine, thank you Mike for pulling this off!
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    Recommendation? One Watch, One Knife

    I was able to pick up the Oris used last year for $600.
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    Show Off Your Knife Collection!

    Figured I could do a bit of an update. I’m by no means a good photographer, but here they all are. Still have a few on the wishlist
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    Modern Traditionals....;)

    Recent addition to my lionsteel Barlow collection.
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