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  1. Hurrul

    Modern Seax 1/4" 1084 wip thread

    After 2 sessions of use, on aged conifer, the edge still readily draw cuts phone book paper and receipt paper. None of the material I was working on was covered in or held residual soil in cracks or crevices, so no large abrasives to go at the edge. I did not chop any of the pitchwood. Chopping...
  2. Hurrul

    Branching out.

    Are the black finished blades a type of Damascus steel? They remind me of the contour lines on a topographical map. All 4 are beautiful and truly unique.
  3. Hurrul

    Well...It's Friday...

    The trees are leafing, some flowers are peaking - it's Friday and Spring in my neck of the woods. Good Spring Friday to you all!
  4. Hurrul

    Modern Seax 1/4" 1084 wip thread

    Some nice bite Golden pitchwood/fatwood veins, still attached to the inside of a decaying Douglass Fir trunk Used this David Mary chopper to dig this pitchwood rib out of a tree carcass - should start a lot of fires with this piece. Looking North West from the Bridger Mountain Range...
  5. Hurrul

    Fixed Blade & Folder Combo

    Cool picture. I hope that Fiddleback Bushcrafter has treated you well. I've definitely enjoyed using and carrying the Babyboot. Hope your well!
  6. Hurrul

    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 5/7/21 (Early Preview)

    That gray gunmetal curly ash is nicely highlighted with the blue liners on the Pocket Ninja. But, double mint is nice on the eyes, too.
  7. Hurrul

    David Mary Custom Folders and Reblades

    Looks good from here. Are your scales thicker and thus, is the handle wider?
  8. Hurrul

    Fixed Blade & Folder Combo

    Opinel #8 Garden/Moki Banff Wharncliffe/Fiddleback Forge Babyboot
  9. Hurrul

    Sharpening Fiddlebacks on Japanese Whetstones

    I second @swonut comment about starting on some practice knives. Kitchen knives are good practice blades - I learned a lot about free hand sharpening by sharpening thin, light kitchen blades. These days, I quickly raise a burr on both sides of the blade with Norton silicon carbide 250 grit or...
  10. Hurrul

    Ultralight Necker, Super Slicer Wharncliffe (SOLD), Pukko-jitsu

    David - I'd take the EDC wharncliffe.
  11. Hurrul

    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 4/30/21 (Early Preview)

    I'd live well enough with that F2. I'm still trying to score something in cross cut canvas micarta and that would do it...until the next knife came along. Also, that simple Esquire draws my attention. But, I'd be happy with any of these at the end of the day.
  12. Hurrul

    Just a Picture:

    Good Fiddleback Monday morning to you all
  13. Hurrul

    Fixed Blade & Folder Combo

    Gersh Blades Pika/Fiddleback Forge Bushboot/Ohta Knives FK5
  14. Hurrul

    Fiddleback User Pics

    Looking North West, from the flanks of the Bridger Mountain Range, MT: Nice pitchwood/fatwood specimen: The pitch saturated wood catches the sunlight: Veins of pitch impregnated wood...still attached to the inside of the decaying Douglas Fir trunk: Looking up N. Cottonwood Creek drainage:
  15. Hurrul

    Fixed Blade & Folder Combo

    Fiddleback Forge Pocket Ninja/David Mary Custom Sm. Utility/Castillo Navaja
  16. Hurrul

    My Mom is a Custom Knife Collector

    Knives can become unforgettable gifts. I love giving knives to people I care about. I have received knives as gifts, since I was child. I still have a few of those. Cool story, David, about these knives and the person who uses them - thanks for sharing.
  17. Hurrul

    Light weight knife for hiking - have to admit, it makes a difference.

    It's true, one can always go lighter. I think 3/32" to 1/8", depending on the the blade geometry, is pretty sturdy and I too, prefer something a little more robust. My activities outside can wander into fatwood hunting, bow drill fire practice, fire making, and other prying and scraping type...
  18. Hurrul

    Fixed Blade & Folder Combo

    Gersh Knives Paring/Fiddleback Forge Parer/Castillo Navaja
  19. Hurrul

    Light weight knife for hiking - have to admit, it makes a difference.

    I too, have liked Victoronix versions. I have not picked one up, but I've thought that one would fill the intent of this thread, plus the blade covering/slip cover would make it ready to go from the start. They have a sheepsfoot version, too. These little paring knives fly beneath the radar, in...
  20. Hurrul

    Light weight knife for hiking - have to admit, it makes a difference.

    I've thought about taking something like one of these paring knives into the woods, as weight conscious fixed blades: Dexter Russel commercial paring knife & Spyderco Paring knife The Dexter Russel weighs .75 of ounce - would need a sheath. Very flexible blade, but thin and sharp, stainless...
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