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  1. lacticacid

    jigged bone drop point

    yes, it has a belt loop. Look very closely in the second pic and you will see it. Very nice blade by the way.
  2. lacticacid

    The 'Hemmingway' Skinner - Wenge

    Very cool. like this design a lot.
  3. lacticacid

    1095 camo hunter (SOLD)

    good job on that knife. very clean lines and at a great price!
  4. lacticacid

    HARPAGAN II- cool compact EDC

    Just sent you a PM.
  5. lacticacid

    ** SOLD ** The 'Selous' Recurve Camp - Amboyna Burl

    Nice package Paul. Keep up the nice work.
  6. lacticacid

    S35VN Figured Walnut

    Agree with all of the earlier comments. Love the camp style look to it. Looks like a workhorse.
  7. lacticacid

    Bushcraft knives

    Very nice. PM me when the next one is coming up. Love the design.
  8. lacticacid

    *SOLD* 8670 Khukuri Machetes, Jack Daniel handles.

    Great work Joshua. Keep pushing the envelope.
  9. lacticacid

    Mosaic Damascus Tanto

    That is gorgeous and has such good lines.
  10. lacticacid

    Cayman - Damasteel

    Sweet! PM sent.
  11. lacticacid

    Obsidian pattern neckie

    sent you a PM
  12. lacticacid

    Obsidian pattern neckie

    I'll take it.
  13. lacticacid

    Obsidian pattern EDC

    Love everything about this knife. I was about to pull the trigger and then saw that it was already sold. Darn!
  14. lacticacid

    (SOLD) Nessmuk, hand-engraved (Loveless design)

    Absolutely gorgeous! I would love to add that one to my collection and the fact that it is a nessmuk makes it that much more attractive. The irony of it is that I just purchased another blade from D. Wenger, have the plumber coming over tomorrow and dropped more cash on deer hunting equipment...
  15. lacticacid

    Huntsman Edc, Wharncliffe and Curly Ash

    Yes, very nice looking blade and choice of curly ash scales.
  16. lacticacid

    (SOLD)52100 & W2 Clip Points For Sale

    Very nice and pleasing to the eye!
  17. lacticacid

    *SOLD* Huntsman Edc Knife with Red Micarta handle.

    nicely done and at a very reasonable price. keep up the good work!
  18. lacticacid

    BEG One piece rock pattern cleaver

    Pretty unique. I really like this. Let me know if shehatesme doesn't pick it up.
  19. lacticacid

    Wind River Hunter/W2 Hamon

    Beautiful blade design and very nice package overall.
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