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  1. Kimber Pro Tac

    Esee 6 Original Scales

    Funds sent for Crossfire. Thank you sir
  2. Kimber Pro Tac

    Esee 6 Original Scales

    Ill try the Crossfire. Pm sent
  3. Kimber Pro Tac

    Benchmade Benchmade barrage tanto 583BK LNIB

    I’d be interested if the above sale doesn’t happen. Thanks
  4. Kimber Pro Tac

    2XXL Belts & Shirts

    I’ll take the cobra buckle belt if available still. Thanks
  5. Kimber Pro Tac

    Protech TR-3 Swat - sold

    I’ll take this per pms. Funds being sent. Thanks
  6. Kimber Pro Tac

    Al Mar Harold Corby Tanto SOLD

    Sweet knife! Sorry I missed it
  7. Kimber Pro Tac

    BDU Belts - - - GONE

    I’ll take the two belts for $25. Let me know confirmation and your pp address please. Thanks **Funds sent, thank you sir!**
  8. Kimber Pro Tac

    Protech Newport nib priced to sell...SOLD

    Back up. I almost sent you an offer first night. Sorry I missed it
  9. Kimber Pro Tac

    Olight Odin

    Funds sent. Post for feedback
  10. Kimber Pro Tac

    Steve Kelly's Ti Connector the Screw-It Precision Driver

    I commend you for your members only policy sir! Nothing more irritating than seeing a random surfer scooping goodies ahead of those of us paying members. Glws
  11. Kimber Pro Tac

    SOLD- Chiappa 12 gauge Shotgun Adapter Kit Eight (8) calibers

    That's slick. Have you used it at all? Is there a date on it anywhere? I get how this works, except for the rimless .380, 9mm and 45 acp. How is the shell retained in the chamber? Thanks
  12. Kimber Pro Tac

    Protech Godfather SOLD

    I’ll take this per emails. Sending funds
  13. Kimber Pro Tac


    Ill take the Para 3 Funds sent. Thanks
  14. Kimber Pro Tac

    Glock and shooting accessories

    I’ll take the Safariland QLS stuff (edited for clarification)
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