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  1. H2OCutter

    a wee bit of Scottish battle Can anyone recommend a quality Scottish sword and shield for battle?
  2. H2OCutter

    Super Sized Lunar eclipse Saturday December 10 2011

    Got to rise early to catch this one
  3. H2OCutter

    Attaching Patches

    I took my son's Gi and my daughter's Girl Scout uniform into our cleaners to have patches sewn on, it was around $2.50- per patch, well worth it.
  4. H2OCutter

    Scope Questions - ?

    If you want a good method for siting in your scope try this two shot one..
  5. H2OCutter

    Anyone here into Ham radio? ...

    This site is helpful
  6. H2OCutter

    Scope for Marlin 1894 .44

    Thanks for the input.
  7. H2OCutter

    Anyone here into Ham radio? ...

    Good luck, Gordon knows his stuff, lots of practice testing online. Got my ticket in 09 and passed extra last month. KI6WCI
  8. H2OCutter

    Scope for Marlin 1894 .44

    Looking for a scope for my Marlin 1894 .44. It's come down to the Redfield Revolution 2-7x33 or the Weaver V-3...
  9. H2OCutter

    Shovel to keep in your car?

    I carry a Gerber folding spade packs out of the way under the backseat..
  10. H2OCutter

    Powertool Noobie: Need a Circular Saw

    Skilsaw works great I used mine recently to put a new roof on my kids school, had no problems.
  11. H2OCutter

    Refinish wood

    If you have a Rockler woodworking supply try out Sam Maloof's finishes, great stuff!
  12. H2OCutter

    Hiking boots

    I guess there are no guarantees...
  13. H2OCutter

    Sexy and Free for your RMD LE

    1st post here, 432 and thanks for the chance.
  14. H2OCutter

    Wool socks

    Duluth Trading has some good socks Very comfortable...
  15. H2OCutter


    God bless her and keep her and may there be peace with your family.
  16. H2OCutter

    Hiking boots

    Try I know they will ship international.
  17. H2OCutter

    Hiking boots

    I have the Bugaboot from Columbia, very comfortable, hiked for miles in them and still going strong. Columbia has upgraded them with this,default,pd.html#
  18. H2OCutter

    K-9 Saddle bags(added dog pics)

    Great looking dobie, my dad had one years ago that was in the 125lb range, called him Panzer :)
  19. H2OCutter

    Sad Christmas

    Very sad, may peace be with you and those she left behind.
  20. H2OCutter

    K-9 Saddle bags(added dog pics)

    This one works on my Golden retriever that is a big Doberman you have there.
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