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    What's up next, on your Cold Steel 'Want List'?

    I completely agree with the requests above for a larger version of the 4max. I haven't bought a 4max because as the name implies the blade is only a measly 4 inches long! CS has offered much bigger knives than that for many years.
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    The HOLY MOLY of Cold Steel's XL ESPADA...

    I have the XL Espada with the simpler G10 handle. It's longer than many fixed blades and yet can be carried discretely. I wish CS had offered a serrated option.
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    what have you bought so far? (2021)

    So far this year I've only bought two knives; the CRKT blacked out Jumbo with the 5" blade [ huge by crkt standards] and the CRKT Ritual with it's 4.5" blade, again quite big for this company . A great design with odd handle colors. As soon as my local knife seller gets in all of Cold Steels...
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    Rarest Cold Steel knives?

    Not really sure how rare it is but I wonder how many people have heard of or remember the Corsican? I've got one and it really does look like an assassin's knife.
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    What's up next, on your Cold Steel 'Want List'?

    I'm getting the 6"serrated kris Ti-lite and the XL drop-point Voyager as soon as my local dealer has them in stock.
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    4 Max Scout

    I love the look of the green handled 4max but I'm always a bit surprised by descriptions of the knife as " big "or " huge." I believe it's called the 4max because the blade is only 4 " long. Cold Steel has many folders with 5.5"and 6" blades that merit the "huge "description much more.
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    Kershaw Strata pre release. Hit or miss?

    Nice to see Kershaw break out the 4" blade max limit that most companies impose on themselves. I'll definitely be getting the XL strata. It reminds me of the original Cold Steel Vaquero Grande.
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    Cold Steel 26T Oyabun Folding Knife

    Spyderco does make some really nice knives and I've got quite a few but unfortunately after moving gingerly into the XL folder category with the Szabo folder and most notably the Tatanka, they've gone scurrying back to the tried and boring four inch max folders [although I freakin love the...
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    This is why we can't have nice things in the UK

    and who are you? Orange Mussolini's nephew?
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    Most satisfying "CLACK!"?

    I always hoped that CS would bring out a serrated version [ there is a serrated Rajah 3] but I suppose with the new ownership that will never happen.
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    Just got this Cold Steel

    I've got that knife ,it's pretty awesome. If I was going to quibble I might prefer the handle in kraton like the Trailmaster.
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    Recommendation? FOMO - I need a huge huge blade!

    I have the Esse Junglas and the CS Gurkha Kukri in carbon 5. The kukri is significantly thicker, slightly longer and therefore a little heavier. For some really demented chopping I'd go with the kukri.
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    Most satisfying "CLACK!"?

    My Rajah 1 and 2 have very nice clacks as well.
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    Who has the CRKT Sting?

    I also have the larger Pentagon and it's one of my favorite daggers. It looks elegant and deadly and I like the one side serrated and one side plain feature. Apparently Sog is bringing out new blacked out versions of both Pentagon models but with both sides plain. Another dagger almost the same...
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    2021 CRKT Releases

    The Ritual is definitely a very cool knife and at over 4.25 " it breaks the wussie 4" blade length barrier so many manufacturers impose on themselves. [ does Peewee Herman secretly run most knife companies?] Actually CRKT already broke that barrier with the blacked out Jumbones which has a...
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    Mini Leatherneck Spear Point

    Yeah I think the knife looks great and so is the price .I'm definitely thinking of getting one.
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    Who has the CRKT Sting?

    I agree. I've got both knives and the Sog mini Pentagon handle is much better. I also think that the Pentagon blade is superior. The Sting is aesthetically pleasing but not good for much and I regret buying it. i
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    What floats your boat in 2021

    Both are cool but I'm especially happy about the drop point Voyager. I think it's long overdue. I'm also looking forward to the XL serrated kris Ti-Lite.
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    2021 Prices Are Out

    So in your view working people -the vast majority in any country-are the tail while the tiny minority of rich people are the dog?
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    Cold Steel (GSM) New Products Release:

    Thanks ,I took a closer look and as a couple of people have said there is an XL version. Be still my foolish heart!
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