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    One essential piece of gear

    A small bottle of hand sanitizer and a flashlight.
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    F-16 Specs And Pricing. . . . PLUS An Amazing Discount & Nuclear Option Coming Wed. June 17, 2020

    Got mine today. I ordered with the sheath, there no sheath shipped with the F-16. Anybody know when the F-16 sheath going to be ship?
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    Giveaway: TiSurvival Modular Titanium Chopsticks and Face Mask

    I'm in. I like the polished chopsticks and the Blue mask. Thanks
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    Maxamet, M4, M390 and a Joker

    I'll take the Manix 2 LW- Maxamet Light patina on blade from use. Sharpened on wicked edge at factory 40* inclusive. In really good shape and great action. Generic Spyderco box. 140$ Email me
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    Cold Steel Natchez Bowie-SOLD

    Paypal sent. Thanks
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    Cold Steel Natchez Bowie-SOLD

    I'll take it. $175.00
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    Benchmade 200 puukko vs Fallkniven H1

    Get the Benchmade 200 puukko, I don't think the H1 can do this
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    Clearing out excess, 18 high end knives great prices

    I'll take 10: Fallkniven Frej, New, $230
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    10 Unique Folders Unlike any you've ever seen...PRICE DROPS& New Pics @post #9!

    I'll take the 4. Custom Spyderco Tatanka ... *No use *Green & yellow tree python crazy C-Tek aluminum mesh with green liners *I have the original black G10 handles *ships with original factory box PRICE: $189 <all in, PayPal Goods & Services, no surprise fees> Email me
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    Looking for a bowie knife

    Take a look at the Fallkniven Modern Bowie or Busse Combat got the INFI SYKCO Alpha Regulator 9.5 take order right now.
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    benchmade puuko

    Anybody I show the video of the benchmade puuko cut the nail and stab the anvil, buy one. They all love the knife, some of them want a longer blade. Will Benchmade coming out with the puuko 2? just 1" longer?
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    what's your coffee maker?

    I like the Wacaco minipresso, use nespresso original capsules.
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