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  1. tdkfm

    Green Beret 5,5 & 7" & Pacific

    Did you sell the pacific?
  2. tdkfm

    The 1st cut is the deepest. Do you still own your 1st CRK?

    Yup, still have mine. Small insingo 21 that I got from lone wolf and happened to share my birthday. Kind of regret trading one of my dad's old benchmade balisong knives for it, but oh well. Probably wouldn't have gone down the CRK path had I not done that. Now I carry one most everyday. Also...
  3. tdkfm

    BF2020 Knife from Maniago Poll

    So basically you are married?
  4. tdkfm

    Attention 2019 Forum knife question thread.

    Well, at least you didn't whoop I guess...
  5. tdkfm

    Attention 2019 Forum knife question thread.

    No worries. Knarfeng and I are old buddies. I'm sure he will send me his extra :)
  6. tdkfm

    Attention 2019 Forum knife question thread.

    You can keep all the labels. I just want the knife.
  7. tdkfm

    Attention 2019 Forum knife question thread.

    Dang, haven't had a chance to get on here in a long time and completely missed this one. I'll gladly buy one if anyone backs out or bought 2 and doesn't want the second now. Great looking knife as usual.
  8. tdkfm

    Looking to have chef knife made by end of October

    I'm looking to have a 9 inch western chef knife made with some type of stainless. I can provide better specs if anyone is available. I have a couple small pieces of narwahl horn that I'd like incorporated into the handle. Shoot me an email if you are available and interested. This is a wedding...
  9. tdkfm

    Recommendation? Custom chef knife wanted with interesting inlay

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a chef knife. My best friend and cooking, fishing, hunting buddy is getting married this November and I want to have a chef knife made for him. I'm looking for around an 8-9 inch western chef knife. Weird part that makes this interesting: I ordered a...
  10. tdkfm

    2019 GEC 93 Ram's Foot and Waynorth Cutlery Real Lambfoot Thread

    Any guess on what shield will be on the jigged bone NF? It seems like they are being a little more sneaky with this than normal.
  11. tdkfm

    Bargains: BM 51 for $185, P’kal for $85

    I'm interested in the 51 if you still have it. I think my paid subscription is expired as I stopped coming here much when tapatalk compatibility went away. My email is hookem1313 at gmail and I have plenty of feedback from transactions here over the years.
  12. tdkfm

    Hinderer Half Track Tanto

    Kreyzhorse, I emailed and pm'd you about a knife. Can you let me know if you got either of them?
  13. tdkfm

    CRK Slipjoint.....!!!

    That's exactly the point. You asked why I would compare the two. Because they are both production slip joints with high end steel (more so with the lionsteel). I understand that they are different knives, but I really cant imagine what you found wrong with the lionsteel. I could see maybe not...
  14. tdkfm

    CRK Slipjoint.....!!!

    Round head is a production slipjoint with premium steel. I actually am curious to hear what got don't like about it. You can move it to PM if you don't think that fits here. I have two and they both seem really nice.
  15. tdkfm

    CRK Slipjoint.....!!!

    Funny that this is pretty much the only major forum I've been on that doesn't use tapatalk. I'm not sure I understand how tapatalk is terrible if you didn't install it? Why not just use it?
  16. tdkfm

    Does CRK do any birth cards on the 13th?

    Thanks and sorry for the apparently pointless thread.
  17. tdkfm

    Does CRK do any birth cards on the 13th?

    Also, strangely enough the OP in that thread has a knife with my birthday. I have the exact knife with same DOB. It was my first CRK
  18. tdkfm

    Does CRK do any birth cards on the 13th?

    Well that poor guy just got a message from me :)
  19. tdkfm

    CRK Slipjoint.....!!!

    This is the first I've seen of these (no tapatalk killed this place for me). I have to agree with the guy you replied to though, that's overpriced. I love my CRK knives and carry one of several daily, but it's going to be hard to compete with the lion steel slip joints collector knives is doing...
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