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    New Hitch and Timber Pocket Pack Slip

    I'll take it. Please let me know where to send paypal.
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    Recommendation? Which 2.5” Folder?

    Buck has a new one that may fit your needs, 417 Budgie...
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    Budgie 417

    How is it pronounced? Is it named after someone or a made up word? If I buy one I want to know how to say it :-) I have 110 and Vantage down pat now..... I am interested in them, just haven't found my own use case for it and would like to handle one first if possible. Need to get to my...
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    Different Look and Feel Forum

    Much faster for me which is great! I hadn't been on here as much as the old version was running really sloooooooooooooow for me for months now. Don't like change much but this is working better for me.
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    Joe Houser, Wish you well in retirement!

    Congrats and best wishes on your next chapter!
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    Surprise News at Buck ?

    Dave- Great to "see" you again! Not sure how I feel about the S&W guy. The knives they stamp S&W on sure don't impress me in the last 20yrs or so. S&W has done alright in the last couple of years but nothing to blow my hair back really. So, guess we'll just have to wait and see. I did like...
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    Sad news. Great craftsman.
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    Monthly speculation thread - Released! Feb. BOTM

    Big Vantage fan so happy to see one. However, I don't like the plastic "tray" handle design. I'm sure they have a great reason to do it but I don't care for it so will pass. Am glad to see them making more. Hope the people trying to flip them all the time choke on em.
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    Finger grooves...yea or nay?

    Not a fan of them on the 110 (not into 112's so can't speak to that as they feel too small in my hand).
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    Buck Paradigm

    On the old ones it was 2 steps to open it, shift the bolster and hit the flipper. So now, it is just shift the bolster? Shift bolster to unlock the blade to close like the earlier ones? Is that a button of sorts on the middle of the bolster or just a pivot point?
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    Oden Buck Book

    Wow, not sure how I missed this! Check going in the mail tomorrow.
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    My father’s stone

    OP, oddly enough, just yesterday my Brother and I found our Father's old Buck sharpening stone. I wanted it but I could see the way my Brother lit up that he really wanted it. Neat piece of history, no idea about value but I wouldn't be selling it. I like to keep using the tools he enjoyed in...
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    Any Buck Christmas tins this year?

    Anyone seeing any? If so where, please?
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    Cold Steel Appreciation Thread

    Catalogs were great. In general I miss paper catalogs, just something about them. Theirs were always well done and something I enjoyed when they came in. Really liked the medieval weapons they made and the machetes recently which were patterned after other blade types. Their old Japanese...
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    Coldsteel Sold???

    That is a bummer. Seldom does a brand get sold and stay true to its history. Hard to do business in Kali these days so I can see them moving HQ to just about anywhere else.
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    Buck 252 Truck

    Pretty good looking knives. Wish they were US made. Gerber now makes a version of their cleaver in the states.
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    Buck marksman lock test

    Aside from the question of method and if spine whacking matters at all (I think not), I also think your lock could be adjusted a bit better.
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    Knives you wished Buck made

    US made Canoe, Barlow, and Toothpick. Would like to see classic designs like that. A Vantage in the Custom Shop would be nice also. I like your idea above, but not my thing.
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    November BOTM Speculation?

    Given this year, I'm thinking something in "toxic" neon green :-).......
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