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    M-43 blem for 8/19

    aww nice.
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    What is a micro bevel on a scandi grind?

    My m2k has been my primary fixed blade for the three or four years now. You'd think in that time I'd stop being so impressed by the edge retention, but I sharpen flat on a stone. I very rarely have to do that, I just strop on leather with green rouge until polished. The minute convexing that...
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    Bought the Trident Folder

    The design is fantastic. I've wanted a SOG for years (this and tech bowie) but I have concerns about my purchase. 1) The spring is the main issue I have, which exhibits some grind/grit in the action when closing it. I have a Kershaw Leek and ZT 302, which use a torsion spring rather than a...
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    Deals for 1/6 --Pix, Tirtha Bowie, Farm Knife and Great Buys

    i hope the farm knife is gone. i want it.
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    Deals for 7/5 -- Foxy Folly, Hasiya and Great Buys

    someone buy it before i break...............
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    Deals for 7/5 -- Foxy Folly, Hasiya and Great Buys

    that foxy's been available for three days with no bites?!
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    Hooray for Rusty SD's!!!

    one one my favorite utility blades, and i usually lean toward folders for that role.
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    Christmas Sales for 12/21-- Pix and Awesome Buys

    that is a pretty sweet piece. be interesting to see how Lok performs, too. i have a user SD, this one'd be a safer. wouldn't mind a second boomerang, either. lemme check my email. see what happens while i'm there. better check my CC balance, too.
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    Christmas Sales for 12/18 --Pix, Khukuris, Flute, Tibetan Boots and Great Buys

    aw junk i want that flute!!!!!!!!!!! i'd really put it in my next recording. i hope more pop up.
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    What to do with Arctic White coating?

    just use it. the white with some wear on the peaks of the corrugations might look pretty good. it'd be the first white user i've seen.
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    Third Day Of Christmas Sales

    just give me the horn m43, and problem solved!
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    Second Day Of Christmas Sales

    oh wow that mountain bowie is SICK!
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    Deals for 11/24 --Pix, YCS, Wajaski Swprd and Great Buys

    ugh....another YCS? two nice ones sitting on the forum with no buyers? i need a better job.
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    Bura Everest Katana and YCS for 11/17

    how is that ycs still there?!?!?!?!
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    Bura Everest Katana and YCS for 11/17

    sick offerings today. i want both.
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    Bura Villager Tarwar:

    i love my tarwar. my other swords may be sold one day. tarwar stays. thanks again ted.
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    Deals for 11/10 -- Pix and usual steals

    that bone cutter, and the price, are extremely attractive.
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    NEW product HI - Der Hauswehr

    thanks karda.
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    NEW product HI - Der Hauswehr

    nice! looks cool. teardrop sirupati? i'm sorry, i've been absent.
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    Deals for 11/4 -- Pix, HI Tarwar, Villager and Best Buys

    poor bura. i'm recovering from the same. all the best for him.
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