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  1. blue lander

    Recent additions

    This is my only acquisition of the year, a Mongol bow. It’s laminated with horn glued on one side and sinew on the other I haven’t strung it up yet because it makes scary creaking noises when I start bending it backwards. Worried it’s gonna snap and take my head off!
  2. blue lander

    Another Monster Khukuri by Lachhu

    What a beast! It almost looks photoshopped in that pic where he's holding it.
  3. blue lander

    Monster Hunter GRR, blems and bargain for 3/3

    How thick is the spine on those R knives?
  4. blue lander

    Please send smoke and prayers for Bigbore577 and his family

    Oh no :( Thoughts and prayers to the family
  5. blue lander

    Recent additions

    I needed something fancy to bring to Mongolian/Tibetan new year, which began yesterday I think. I used to use a nice bone handled Buck 119, but one of my inlaws took a liking to it so I sold it. I wanted something hand made and a little fancy as a replacement so this guy fit the bill
  6. blue lander

    Recent additions

    That's the one! I want something a bit fancier for the sheath. Maybe it's worthy of some pug pants?
  7. blue lander

    Recent additions

    Normally I only like "historical style" pattern welding, but this one spoke to me. Hand made in Hungary. I just need to get a sheath made for it.
  8. blue lander

    Rain Snow and Sunshine deals for 2/22

    I wonder if that foxy folly would make a good hiking camping knife. I've always liked the klvuk for that but something a little lighter would be nice.
  9. blue lander

    A tiny whiff of smoke for my month old grandson please.

    Smoke and prayers on the way from the nation's capital
  10. blue lander

    Sarge Knife and Kumar Karda for 12/27

    Man those Sarge's look just perfect. Definitely going to be my next buy when I have two pennies to together.
  11. blue lander

    5th Day of Christmas Deals

    Love that Tiger Killer. Looks like the HI version of a Buck knife.
  12. blue lander

    I'm a Grandpa for the second time.

    Woohoo! Congrats!
  13. blue lander

    Road Money for Rajkumar Kami for 11/17

    I have a Rajkumar Bashpati nearly identical to that one. It's a beautifully shaped piece of metal. It almost looks like it was naturally formed rather than forged.
  14. blue lander

    Sunday Afternoon blems for 11/6-- Pix, Butterfly Sword and Awesome buys

    Am I the only one who thinks that butterfly sword is the best of the group?
  15. blue lander

    Red grain-mark handles

    My Tibetan long sword has a very similar red mark on the hilt, gotta remember to take a picture of it.
  16. blue lander

    Recent additions

    So awesome to have the back story and family connection, and a very handsome knife to boot! Definitely a family heirloom. Scandi edged knives sharpen up super easy but it also doesn't take much to chip them. I probably use my Puuko around the house more than any other knife.
  17. blue lander

    Using vs. collecting

    How'd it come to lose its original handle, Issun?
  18. blue lander

    Alan Yip Choy's "Frank N. Bowie"

    Wow! Master artistry from one end to the other.
  19. blue lander

    How is the letter B like a fire?

    Here's a joke from another era: how is a teacher like a stamp? A stamp sticks with a lick, a teacher licks with a stick.
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