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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

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    Edge/Bevel preferences for Traditional Slip Joints

    V bevel at 15 degrees per side then stropped. Tune ups with ceramic hone then strop which give the edge a microbevel and semi convex edge over time.
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    Got my First Case Knife in the Mail Today

    I can forgive Case for a lot of things, but that knife ain't right. That's unacceptable defect level gap.
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    Who still carries a Case Knife?

    1965-69 Case 6318, carried yesterday while I smoked a brisket.
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    Tidings and the return of Schatt and Morgan?

    The knives pictured in the link look much better than the ones in the first photos released. I'll definitely be watching and hopefully they'll have a stockman pattern soon. But I have to say, I hate the match strike pulls.
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    Stockman Sunday picture show

    Awesome group shot! Planning on adding a PU model to my collection just waiting for the faux ebony to be back in stock. What year is that amber bone with the sheepsfoot?
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    Stockman Sunday picture show

    This particular 6375 has the smoothest walk of any knife I own. It is also an example of the only 75 pattern to be released in the Pocket Worn series. Took me a few years to track down.
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    New Knife Day and I had no idea

    A Cobra has been my dream car since the first time I saw one. Had a 65 fastback back in high school until it was totaled by a lady trying to pay her water bill before the office closed. I have a 66 coupe that I bought for my father and I were going to make a project but he died before we could...
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    Your Favorite Pattern?

    Stockman, hands down. But GEC Stockyard and jumbo trappers aren't far behind.
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    Stockman Sunday picture show

    Schatt & Morgan ebony.
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    Okay traditional guys.. Tell me a top 5 brands to buy!!!

    Case - Case trumps GEC for price, availability and variety. GEC - The standard to which others are compared. Queen/Schatt & Morgan - Everything from everyday work knives to heirloom pieces. Camillus - Great values with some hidden gems. Schrade - Schrade Walden era is a personal favorite...
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    Let's see some " worn out " knives

    Because of the loose pin on this old short line Camillus 69 I consider this one worn out. The pin is a little to short to re-peen so it is retired to display only. Any torsion on the blade nearly pulls the knife apart. The pocket worn bone tells me it was someones edc for a long time.
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    Let's see some " worn out " knives

    Although not exactly 'worn out' this old Camco is well worn. I found this among my dads things after he passed and it was the knife that ignited my love of stockman's. I don't believe it was one dad carried but probably one he found as he was a swapper and seller of anything he could lay hands...
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    Case blade steel

    use your web browser to search 'Case trusharp vs CV bladeforums'. it will bring up several threads with lots of info.
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    GEC 98 Texas Cattle/Whittler

    Don't carry it often but it is a surprisingly comfortable knife for me to use but I wear xxl gloves. From what I've read here on BF I doubt we'll be seeing more anytime soon, seems it was a difficult pattern.
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    Case XX and a new scale material Dichrolam

    As long as it is pinned like Case does the kirinite and not just glued like the corelon I'd give it a chance.
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