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    Spyderco Rex 45 Sprints and Standard Clipitool

    Knife received. Everything was perfect..... packaging excellent. Would buy from again any day. Thanks Attila.
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    PRICE DROPS - SPY27 Native - REX 45 Native - S45VN Para 3

    Payment sent for the native per emails. Thanks. Knife received, perfect packaging , and as described. Thanks!
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    Spyderco Native Maxamet, Benchmade Volli

    Are you firm on the price for the maxamet?
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    26C3 Carbon Steel - Spicy White

    Big shout out to alpha knife supply When i made my first order for steel i wanted to lessen the shipping costs ... so i picked some steels like a begginer does and kept clicking until the shipping price doubled then went back one....... well about 70 ft worth of steel made it up to Alaska...
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    Recommendation? Curious about micarta!

    Yea i dont post too much but i felt like it. We NEED to split hairs if the craft is to evolve correctly...... Not "splitting hairs" only dumbs down and cheapens our hard work..... I am a brand new guy that is just starting no finished knives to date......and just by trying to see what...
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    Pheer 454 Grinder LOADED

    If you end up breaking it up let me know bud
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    Recommendation? Best way of making removable knife scales

    I remeber seeing those I think its in my old knife magazines from late 90s Good idea mabey a ball detent could be used?
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    Calling it quits, no more damascus

    You have a legacy with your work It will always live on!
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    Home Built Surface Grinder

    Thanks guys I really appreciate it. Im a see it and i can build it kind of guy. So if the cost is much lower then the wuertz unit And i can buy more handle materials and belts id be up for it. @john april thanks for the input man! Time is money thats why I ponied up the dough for my...
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    Recommendation? Japanese Bunka

    Search don Nguyen post on kitchen knife design critique also search Bill burkes posts :) your welcome.... It looks a litte too straight to me but im not an expert on Japanese kitchen knives I would plan out your profile better before you grind bevels or ht . Also test your knife profile on...
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    Home Built Surface Grinder

    So, as I sit here im deciding on whether or not to buy a wuertz grinder . Or follow in this threads footsteps and make my own..... The main thing is I dont want to spend time building one if im not happy with the prefomance On the flip side of things I dont mind building to save money if...
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    First knife design critique / WIP (Almost Finished)

    I will take the advice! Was thinking a surface grinder would be money better spent as i want to make some loveless style knives.......I so wish I could have known him.... I would have loved some templates of a few designs . I've drawn several from his book against graph paper and a few look...
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    First knife design critique / WIP (Almost Finished)

    I was thinking the same with cost of power and heat treating supplies. Plus the learning curve...I agree with this part alot
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    First knife design critique / WIP (Almost Finished)

    Same boat...... Trying to decide if the oven i want is worth it . If I succeed then it will pay for itself in about 20 shipments to peters........but will i ever make 20 shipments worth of knives hahaha Thanks for this thread as it has made me think more on this. At first i figured it would...
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    First knife design critique / WIP (Almost Finished)

    Not trying to go off topic but im subbed. Im in this same spot myself.... Debating on buying a ht oven or going with peters for a few rounds.... But like you i also dont want to pay for the single blade charge and i HATE shipping with a passion (Alaska life).... So im trying to figure out...
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    Lots of Vintage Micarta(Black Rag, too!)

    Would you take a pic of the larger chunks you got thanks
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    New makers. Dont quit!

    So did you build your etcher?
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