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  1. GerBill

    Gentleman’s EDC

    Another couple I’m in love with.
  2. GerBill

    benchmade bugout 535bk-2 DLC coating.

    I can’t speak of Benchmade’s DLC, but my 535GRY-1 with the gray chromium nitride coated blade is pretty tough. Here is a test showing it compared to several other coatings.
  3. GerBill

    Para 3 or Paramilitary 2 for EDC?

    After owning both, my vote goes to the Para 3. Perfect length handle and adequate blade length. Add some new scales and it becomes an awesome EDC!
  4. GerBill

    s30v sharpening

    Spyderco Sharpmaker is still a great tool for maintaining a keen edge on most steels and blade shapes.
  5. GerBill

    Gentleman’s EDC

    The more I collect knives, the more I find myself liking a specific size, weight and style of knife for my EDC. It’s what I would call a Gentleman’s EDC. Handle size between 4 1/4” and 4 3/4” (I prefer Titanium), blade length between 3” and 3 1/2”, handle width around 0.40”, thin blade stock...
  6. GerBill

    Quiet Carry Waypoint

    For sale is this LNIB Quiet Carry Waypoint in beautiful Black PVD with a Satin blade. Smooth drop free action with solid lockup and perfect centering. Super thin behind the edge in a small package make this the ultimate gentleman’s folder. Asking $SOLD. First I’ll take it gets it. Thanks for...
  7. GerBill

    Pena X-Series Swayback Front Flipper

    Sorry, not interested in international shipping at this time, but may consider as a later option. Thanks
  8. GerBill

    Pena X-Series Swayback Front Flipper

    For sale is this LNIB Pena X-Series Swayback Front Flipper in beautiful Marbled Carbon Fiber. Great action, solid lockup and perfect centering. Box, microfiber cloth and everything from factory included. Asking $SOLD via PayPal and shipped USPS Priority to the lower 48. First I’ll take it...
  9. GerBill

    Which Benchmade are you carrying today?

    Ever since I added these scales I can’t put this one down. Perfect size and weight!
  10. GerBill

    Giving the Bugout One Last Chance with the Blade HQ g10 Exclusive

    Honestly you can’t go wrong with the standard version. S30v is a great steel and if you’re getting the black version, the standard black finish seems more durable than the black Cerakote. Save some money and pick up a nearly new one on the trade forum and throw some aftermarket Ti or Aluminum...
  11. GerBill

    There's no such thing as the "perfect knife"...

    I don’t think you would have to worry about the strength of Spyderco’s Compression lock or Benchmade’s Axis lock. There are many video’s out there testing the strength of both without fail!
  12. GerBill

    What is your favorite color knife handle?

    Titanium! Micarta and wood are second and third
  13. GerBill

    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Just noticed I was missing a stop pin screw! Searched the floor around my desk and wallah! I should go buy a lottery ticket! Lol
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