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    AEB-L and Maple Hunter

    love every angle of it. great work.
  3. rustyrazor

    M. K. - "Blood flower" /SOLD/

    if i wasn't broke beyond belief, i'd be all over this... beautiful work my friend.
  4. rustyrazor

    1/4 tapered tang 5160 update

    pretty cool
  5. rustyrazor

    Withdrawn - El Tigre Subhilt Knife

    hey david... just from my experience, NEVER worry about "ruining" a knife by working on the finishes. being satisfied with "good enough" won't push you to make the breakthroughs in your work that will come with trying new things and perfecting them over time. great effort... i've still never...
  6. rustyrazor

    SOLD —- New Model in CPM 3V {EE-4} ===—-

    good looking knife. looks like a real work horse
  7. rustyrazor

    Howdy Gents

    well done
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  9. rustyrazor

    How to Design Knives that Do Not Fail

    good article overall. should be in the beginners bible as mandatory reading
  10. rustyrazor

    Leather handle Micro Tank

    love it
  11. rustyrazor

    Photos Damascus steel tomahawk

    that looks fast in the hand... great looking piece
  12. rustyrazor

    Longterm Review: Fallkniven F1

    i carried an F1 off and on for over 10 years on my kit back when i was in the military and it was one of the best knives i've ever had
  13. rustyrazor

    First post and a few of my knives.

    fantastic handle combinations. beautiful knives
  14. rustyrazor

    Damascus Hunter (SOLD)

    great flow in that one John. looks fantastic
  15. rustyrazor

    Batch of .138 AEBL

    wait.... i've been away for a while. so you're telling me you'll profile... HT AND surface grind? im planning on doing a small run of bushcrafters in 1/8 (ish) AEB-L and since I can grind these post HT i think i'm in
  16. rustyrazor

    Stonewashed AEB-L santoku(price drop)

    great piece. IMHO you are truly undervaluing your work.
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