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  1. Jon Brand

    Damascus grain/fold direction

    Some makers do such a deep etch and even after sharpening you can feel the 'micro serrations' exactly where you see them. Also a few makers sharpen, and then etch. The knife posted is fine regarding what your asking. Its a matter of taste I suppose but the layers are still hitting the edge the...
  2. Jon Brand

    Covid Bowie

    Very nice!!
  3. Jon Brand

    Cold Steel Defender II Vintage Push Knife

    Lets try a large drop at 225.
  4. Jon Brand

    Cold Steel Defender II Vintage Push Knife

    This is an original unused knife from the 90's. I am the original owner but do not have the box or papers anymore. Comes with the limited run genuine leather clip sheath that were only made at first. The blade has its original edge and has not been used at all. Knife has not been carried. The...
  5. Jon Brand

    Used Boomerang Damascus large 31 plain titanium

    Used $485 ---- This is a very high quality purpose made folder. Chris reeve large sebenza 31 used. Plain titanium handle with lots of snail trails. Chad Nichols boomerang damascus blade also with some scratches shown here. The edge will still cut but could use a sharpening as you can feel...
  6. Jon Brand

    Mini Sebenza 31 - Double Blue Lugs - Natural Micarta

    Big price drop! Hope to move this one. $310 netted to me
  7. Jon Brand

    Mini Sebenza 31 - Double Blue Lugs - Natural Micarta

    Lets try $400. Very low number considering the conditon. Again close to like new. A few tiny marks.
  8. Jon Brand

    Mini Sebenza 31 - Double Blue Lugs - Natural Micarta

    Close to like new but selling for a little less as not 100% mint but close. I have handled this knife but only carried it once. Blade hasnt been used beyond opening and closing. The studs have that light wear in the color from handling and there are a few very light snail trails on clip. This...
  9. Jon Brand

    A Grail Just Arrived

    Love it. Enjoy and congrats.
  10. Jon Brand

    Blade show 2020

    Lorien same to you. Were all in this mess together. It sucks so much about blade. Even if its on there will hardly be anyone there im sure.
  11. Jon Brand

    Blade show 2020

    Sorry folks, this has nothing to do with the topic but just responding. I had a family friend pass away and many other peoples relatives who I knew, and I take every precaution when at work and when I come home from work as I fear the virus as much as I fear passing it to my housemates. Its very...
  12. Jon Brand

    Blade show 2020

    I live very close to ground zero in new york. I worked through the worst of the pandemic in a very large deli in one of the biggest super markets in the county. Although arrows and lines are on the ground, it seems more to keep business safe from liability issues rather then really to help...
  13. Jon Brand

    Recommendation? What specs to post when selling custom knives? How to price? Chubby Hueske, Arno Bernard, RW Wilson

    Aside from checking their site as mentioned, AZCK might be a good place to sell to or use for consignment as they deal in tons of used or less then mint condition items. If you sell yourself: I would list all the flaws you can find and show close honest photos of them. I find that that an...
  14. Jon Brand

    Sebenza 31 Lock Rock?!

    I recieved a new small 31 today. It does has the slightest rock but no side to side play.
  15. Jon Brand

    Used- Small 21 basketweave Damascus

    SOLD Pending funds. Thanks
  16. Jon Brand

    Used- Small 21 basketweave Damascus

    Used for a fairly short period of time. Knife looks close to new but has a few marks on the frame and clip as shown. Also has tiny areas on blade that can be sharpened out including the very tip. Still very sharp. Action is a a little gritty but should improve. The lanyard has been removed but...
  17. Jon Brand

    The CRK Anticipation Thread - Show Your 'Inbound's!

    Large 21 tanto with micarta, and small plain basketweave 21 inbound.
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