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    Microtech, CRK, Spartan, Buck/TOPS, Gerber, Kershaw, SOG and Cold Steel

    Email sent on 11-Kershaw 1660CBBW Leek D2 Composite blade blckwash - used and sharpened - $50
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    Is the ESEE 3 a g10 or Micarta handle?
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    Recommendation? Giantmouse Ace Biblio

    Thanks for all the feedback, I'm thinking maybe the micarta is the way to go.
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    Recommendation? Giantmouse Ace Biblio

    Hi All, long time lurker first-time poster. I've been looking at a Biblio for a hot minute but can't decide on the Ti or Micarta scales. I don't have any micarta in the collection currently so I'm not sure how well it will carry in dress pants as an EDC, this is the main reason why I am asking...
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