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  1. J

    Fiddleback Friday - 08/23/13

    Here's the one where he talks about the Sneaky Pete:
  2. J

    ***Collection Custom Fixed Sell-Off.. PRICE DROPS...Fiddleback, KFU, DP***

    I'll take the (#5) Sneaky Pete -- please PM your PP address. Thanks. 7/13 - Payment sent.
  3. J

    Green Skeleton Key

    I liked the red better than the zombie green at Knob Creek, but the green was more attractive than I expected. I got a zombie Swamp Warden for my proxy and he seemed to like it a lot.
  4. J

    Benchmade M4 limited 558 Ritter Minigrip

    It's the member's responsibility to change their display group after they buy a Gold Membership -- it's not hard, but not very intuitive either. In the upper-right corner, click the "Settings" link (beside "Log Out") Then, from the left-side Nav, select: My Settings > My Account > Permission...
  5. J

    FS: Fiddleback Forge Nessmuk **SOLD**

    O1 is what Andy Roy uses for most of his blades (I'd guess over 90%, assuming you exclude the Condor machete blanks that he handles in Micarta), so you're probably right.
  6. J

    Any possibility of a fat warden at Knob Creek?

    Sorry, but none of the wardens made it down to the range; all of the Busse Wardens (I think there were about 10 total) and Rat Wardens (there were only 3) were swept up in the initial Thursday night pre-sale rush. I got a pair of the Rat Wardens (one for me and one for my proxy), but unless you...
  7. J

    G-Shock Watches

    I have a Pathfinder PAW1400T-7V that I bought 4 1/2 years ago as well as an older Waveceptor analog chronograph that was only sold in the asian market. Because they synchronize daily with an atomic clock radio signal, they keep amazingly accurate time, which is the most important function of a...
  8. J

    Where's da trough pics??

    I posted mine from last night over on the Scrap Yard forum: Knob Creek - Spring 2013: Jim's score and pics Eric (dericdesmond) posted his in the Knob Creek'ers thread. I haven't seen any from the range yet, although anybody who went is probably still out there.
  9. J

    Knob Creek'ers

    I posted pictures over on the ScrapYard knife forum if anyone's interested in taking a look: Knob Creek - Spring 2013: Jim's score and pics As a side note: To messer454, I was looking for you to appologize for last Fall -- you told me that Obama would go after guns. I took him at his word when...
  10. J

    best score at Knobb

    Happy birthday Eric; will you be at the Golden Mannor tomorrow? Jus so that I don't hijack the thread, this wasn't my most expensive score last Fall, but it was oddly my favorite of the batch:
  11. J


    I'd vote for the NMSFNO, especially with hand shaped grips -- it simply fits my hand better. One of the best things about attending a show is that you can hold a knife before deciding whether it's the right one for you.
  12. J

    best score at Knobb

    I've scored quite a bit of steel at Knob Creeks since I started attending in 2007, and while my pick of "best" would vary from one day to the next, I prize the unusual, so here are a couple. While probably not to everyone's taste, Garth made this Arctic White Groovemaster with hand shaped black...
  13. J

    Glow ZT0561 Non Flipper, CRKT Ripple, MCUSTA MC-0055D

    The Mcusta and ZT are mine; offer made by PM, terms accepted and payment sent. I'm looking forward to receiving them.
  14. J

    Bark River, Helle and more..

    I'm back; I'll also take the Helle Wind and the Iisakki Järvenpää Lappland Puukko (model 5218).
  15. J

    26 Custom Knives for sale (fixed blades)

    As posted in your other thread, I'll also take the Helle Taiga; plus the JK Custom with snakewood handles for a total of 3 knives for $325. Payment made via PayPal.
  16. J

    20 up for Sale

    I'll take the Helle Taiga.
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